Bat pomfret Toss again



Bat pomfret Toss again

Bat pomfret Toss again Spade A Fish
I spent a night to wash the filter material, changed 8 pounds of rabbits and a meter of dragon stone for 3 hours.Looking for the effect
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
q24mhp0P Yuyou said: How big is the fish tank for 8 kg of rice stone
Master Yuyu said: Mi Shiyu passed by
Helicopter Yuyu said: How about Mi Shi?Is there any effect
Fish tattoo pictures
Dragon fish tattoo manuscript@
How much is adult arowana on the market%
A complete collection of dragon fish tattoos,
Dragon fish tattoo picture#
Arowana tattoo half arm=
Dragon fish tattoo manuscript:
What is a good match for a dragon fish tattoo·
What are the taboos of arowana tattoo~
Dragon fish tattoo pattern


tiger fish eats birdAnother Red added

1st batch of pups I have :)

Big Banana IT

Golden Catfish

Siam giant carp (national treasure)


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