A natural gas company in Linfen was spit out by users: Is this okay?Its too bad



A natural gas company in Linfen was spit out by users: Is this okay?Its too bad

From September 18, 2018 to March 10, 2020, for so long, what are all the employees of Linfen Chengran Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Yaodu Division up and down the company doing?The Ningxia Longji gas meter used by the residents did not adjust the price synchronously. Who caused it?Who specified this Ningxia Longji gas meter that could not achieve synchronous price adjustment?What is wrong with the users of Ningxia Longji gas meters?no?

  Whose responsibility is the root cause?Why didnt I find that the Ningxia Longji gas meters used by residents did not adjust prices synchronously?How can Ningxia Longji Gas Meters be approved for use by Yaofen Division of Linfen City Fuel Gas Co., Ltd.?Does Ningxia Longji gas meter have no simultaneous price adjustment?

  If there is no simultaneous price adjustment problem, why cant Linfen City Fuel Gas Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Yaodu Branch, Ningxia Longji Gas Meter Manufacturers, and user representatives sit down and negotiate to resolve?

  用户吐槽:告知书上的根据山西天然气有限公司2018年6月21日《关于居民用气门站价格调整事宜的通知》晋天然气[2018] 136号和临汾市发展和改革委员会2018年9月18日《关于调整临汾市城区天然气销售价格的通知》临发改价格发[2018 ] 355号文件的这些文件,我们认可是合法的,

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但是天然气作为市政公用并与老百姓的民生息息相关,作为特殊行业,一直Adopting the principle of paying before use, it has been implemented. Suddenly notified the need to make up the difference. This is too untrue. China is a market economy. Linfen City Fuel Gas Co., Ltd. should follow the market principles!Its like eating a bowl of noodles in a restaurant in 18 years. In 20 years, you suddenly said that the price of pork in your bowl of noodles increased in 18 years. Its as ridiculous as you paid 1 yuan less.

  Linfen Chengran Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Yaodu Division Please remember: you are an enterprise in China, you need to abide by relevant laws and regulations of China, and abide by China is the principle of market economy!Linfen City Burning Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Yaodu Branch Company Please give a reasonable explanation to Linfen users who use Ningxia Longji gas meters.

  If there is no problem of simultaneous price adjustment, why does Linfen City Fuel Gas Co., Ltd. Yaodu distinguish that the company cannot first find problems from itself, is it so difficult to self-check and correct?I really dont know which leader thinks of such a “good” way, and I really admire the five-body investment!

  If there is no problem of simultaneous price adjustment, why does Linfen City Fuel Gas Co., Ltd. Yaodu Division fail to contact the Ningxia Longji gas meter manufacturer or the person in charge in Linfen in time?Is there a reason for not asking about cognition?

  Who will pay if there is no simultaneous price adjustment?The user is right from the beginning to the end. It is normal to pay the natural gas fee in advance and deduct the fee through the natural gas meter.The abnormal reason is caused by Ningxia Longji gas meter, why not let Ningxia Longji gas meter pay?I havent found this phenomenon for a long time, and its basically the staff. Every day when the monk hits the clock for a day, and they get mixed salary, are they right?If you are wrong, you dont see any penalties or handling suggestions. Instead, you are aggressively asking users to make up for it. Is this normal?

  The notice is for the Yaodu branch of Linfen Chengran Natural Gas Co., Ltd., and the time is March 10, 2020. The notice refers to the majority of users who use Ningxia Longji gas meter. The notice states this: According to山西天然气有限公司2018年6月21日《关于居民用气门站价格调整事宜的通知》晋天然气[2018] 136号和临汾市发展和改革委员会2018年9月18日《关于调整临汾市城区天然气销售价格的通知》临发改价格发[2018 ] 355号文件精神,居民燃气价格按照国家文件精神统一调整为 2.7 yuan/m, the fee software is adjusted to 2.7 yuan/m, due to the price adjustment of the Ningxia Longji charging software system, the residents of Ningxia Longji gas meter did not adjust the price synchronously, resulting in the gas volume of the users gas meter always being 2.The gas volume of 35 yuan/m uses gas, and the accounting of gas sales volume after September 18, 2018 should be based on residential gas 2.7 yuan/m accounting.From February 13, 2020, every gas user of Ningxia Longji Gas Meter, please show the photo of the bottom of your gas meter and the photo of the unit price of the meter when you pay to facilitate the calculation of your gas volume.If the total gas used by the users gas exceeds the gas purchased, the company should be compensated for the gas purchased.Any user who has taken the bottom photo of the watch and has confirmed the payment of the payment, the second purchase of gas can be purchased normally, and the card can only be inserted after the balance in the table is used up!

  It is reported that netizens have no choice but to make up the payment. Natural gas cannot be separated every day. They have to eat!An ordinary receipt for receipt shows that "hegemony" loses popular support!

  There is no problem of simultaneous price adjustments. Linfen City Fuel Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Yaodu distinguished the company. A notice in the paper is obviously not normal market behavior. It is a special industry that concerns the peoples livelihood. You are not only a monopoly industry but also a municipal public utility.As a part of the career, when such a problem occurs, ask yourself: Is the user wrong?Rather than issuing a "Notice" with a compulsion, the implication is: if you dont make up, you have to make up. Is this a normal market economy?

  Pay before you use it, isnt natural gas the same?Isnt electricity and water bills the same as how many words are paid on the meter?Why does it change the taste when it comes to natural gas, make up the difference, unheard of!
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