Coarse Silver Plate Something bad



Coarse Silver Plate Something bad

I am a novice, finished the grumpy the day before yesterday, salinity.The NO3 indicators are all qualified. I cant wait to buy a starfish and put it in. Today, I died at a glance. Whats going onwhat happened?Wait for the teacher to answer!!
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The Life of Chocolate Comment: Too impatient
Circle Circle 001003 Comment: Look at the temperature (around 26), salinity (1.022),最好是先下1条雀鲷科的鱼开缸,Coarse Silver Plate 比如 蓝魔、黄尾蓝魔、

jill stingray





蓝丝绒、蓝天堂、Star point magic, cant wait to die, after 1, 2 weeks and then 1 or 2, after a month, its okay, you can play the clown, after 3 months, its okay, you can hang, generally half a year, the system is stable
Yu Xi Comments: New creatures are depleted normal
Tiny little sea tank Comment: The weather is hot and dead normal
manjusaka Comment: Have you measured PH&KH?Has the egg separated, has the bottom sand been washed?Is there any problem with the lighting?Didnt you come across a profiteer starfish?Or take it home for too long and the way is wrong?Is there anything dirty in the filter?What about melted oxygen and temperature?If it is a live rock tank, is there any pest in the live rock?There are also some that are less popular or less likely to be for reference only, such as whether there is too much nutrients?Excessive metal elements such as Ca and Mg?These can be checked by yourself. It may satisfy one item or multiple items. Any one may cause the crispy creature to hang. This is almost all the reasons I can think of.
Jian Hui Comments: Water quality only measured NO3?How many? It is normal for the starfish to die. Well, the new tank.
kmzhq comment: is the devil fish
I like the little egg. Comment: What is the devil?
Longer obediently comments: The landlord makes sense
Little Sheep Dragon Stingray Cylinder Comment: Its still a water quality problem. The newly opened tank index is normal, and it needs to be tested step by step. Finally, the main one can be used to ensure safety.
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