Bottom filter dragon cylinder placement and filter material transfer



Bottom filter dragon cylinder placement and filter material transfer

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Many novice fish friends who are ready to open the tank to raise water will be indecisive about how to choose the filter material and how to arrange it.Follow the above two points on the material to select the appropriate filter material.
According to the dragon fish tank filtration system, the current mainstream bottom tank filtration is used as an example.
The general bottom tank filter is divided into four grids:
Let me talk about the wet and dry separation box first.
It is best to make the U-shaped rain shower pipe for the water outlet, so that the water will be more uniform, and the sound of the water will be smaller. The rain shower pipe is connected to the wet and dry separation box. The so-called dry and wet separation is the physical filtration.A way of filtering out of the water.The guiding principle of dry-wet separation filtration is: do not allow food residues and feces to immerse in the water for a long time to contaminate the water quality.The filter material required here is white cotton. White cotton is placed in the wet and dry separation box. The white cotton in the box is usually paved with 3-5 layers to filter impurities. The top few layers of white cotton are selected from ordinary white cotton, such as white cotton rolled by Xinyou.It can be cleaned every three days and replaced with a new one in about half a month.In the bottom layer, choose finer and finer white cotton, such as German JBL cashmere cotton or Most blue magic cotton. Although these two types of white cotton are more expensive, they are more delicately filtered and can be washed repeatedly.Use, cost-effective is still very high.The combination of ordinary white cotton and quality white cotton can be selected according to the actual situation.
The main function of the filter material selected in the first grid is to decompose impurities + cultivate and digest bacteria.
Because it is a water grid, it is necessary to select a low-density filter material to let the water flow smoothly through the back water grid.
Option 1 Put blue rattan cotton The quality of blue rattan cotton imported from Germany will be better, but domestic ones will also work. Rattan cotton biochemical felt can decompose excreta and feed residues, improve water quality and assist in cultivating and refining bacteria.
Option 2 Put the ceramic ring. The quality of the ceramic ring is good. For example, the pH value of the Yihan ceramic ring is neutral. Most ordinary ceramic rings will raise the PH value. So whether to put the ceramic ring depends on the local water quality.5 — 7. The best among 5.The water quality in southern my country is relatively soft and slightly acidic, and the pH is generally 6.5-7.Between 0.The water quality in northern my country is relatively hard and alkaline, and the PH is generally 7.0-8.Between 0.Lets test the PH value of the well-drained water first to understand the local PH value. If the pH value of the water quality in your city is high, do not choose ceramic rings.The general PH value is 6.3~8.5 Arowana can live a very good life.
The main function of the filter material selected in the second grid is to cultivate and digest bacteria.
The front sewer pipe is connected to the wet and dry separation box. The first grid of filter material decomposes impurities. The second grid of water flow is already very suitable for cultivating and digesting bacteria. This requires selecting the most suitable hotbed for cultivation.
选择1 细菌屋 细菌屋是目前大家首先的培菌滤材,细菌屋都为圆柱体,中是空的侧面分布有很多的小孔,这种结构可以使细菌屋的透气透水性非常的好,Helps the cultivation and production of digestive bacteria.There are many types and names of bacteria houses, and there is no authoritative conclusion on the use effect.When choosing a bacteria house, the price is a factor to consider. If you are unsure, choose the brand. The more the holes are, the smaller the holes are.
Option 2 Ihan Quartz Ball In fact, Ihan Ball can not be recommended, one is because the effect of bacterial house culture is very good, and the other is because the price of Ihan Ball is slightly higher.Here is just an introduction for your reference.An aquarium website once conducted a survey and selected the best product of the German Ihan brand. The result was not the Ihan heater rod, water pump and filter cartridge, but the Ihan quartz ball, which shows the position of the Ihan ball in the heart of the fish friend.The Yihan ball has a 450-square-meter surface culture bed per liter, and can be used for long-term repeated cleaning. I have read an article about a foreign fisherman who has used Yihan ball for 10 years and is still using it.The filtration system has not been weakened, and the usual maintenance is to clean it every six months, and boil it with boiling water every two years.I have used the Ian ball with Ians filter cartridge. The longest barrel has been used for 4 years. The filter medium is cleaned every three months. I bought a new barrel last year to keep the colorful filter.Yes, I will write a post after I have used it for more than 10 years.Let me focus on the price. The far infrared bacteria house 500g is about 15 yuan. The 500g of the Ihan ball is about 60 yuan. The price ratio is 1:4.In fact, according to the use time, the cultivation effect, and the comprehensive cost-effectiveness, the Yihan ball is very worthwhile. This depends on how the aquarist chooses. The bacteria house is enough to use the Yihan ball. It will be better. You can choose 1 or 1 and2Use together.

Bottom filter dragon cylinder placement and filter material transfer Kowloon Tank (Dragon Fish Tank)The main function of the third filter is to cultivate and digest bacteria.
The content is basically the same as the second grid. In fact, the second and third grids in the bottom tank are the hotbeds for the cultivation of bacteria, and are also the focus of the digestive system.这里说一下珊瑚沙,珊瑚沙属于缓慢释放钙质(碳酸钙CaCO3)的碱性滤材,可以提高水的硬度,提高PH的缓冲能力使用珊瑚沙可以提高水的缓冲能力应该做为首选。如果当地水质偏软、


第四格 上水格一般只放上水泵和加热棒不需要添加滤材的。
这里推荐麦饭石 麦饭石要买小块的,少量添加麦饭石,用小网袋装着放在水格中也不占地方,麦饭石是多孔性的,具有超强净化矿化水质及吸附杂质的功效.可清除污水中的汞、铅、镉、砷等重金属及各种杂质,对于水质的帮助是很强大的,建议半年更换一次。




Kowloon Tank (Dragon Fish Tank)

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