How to see a fish?



How to see a fish?

belowIf this red and white is 15-20cm, I believe that 99% of aquarists will never choose it. The first condition for picking a fish is to see whether the fish is wide or not, not high or low (the fish only has enough protein,The back of the fish will be high. Generally, the fish with a high back does not mean that it is a good fish, but that the fish will not sag.) Then, the tail barrel should be thick, and the front page should not be too sharp (the triangle).花纹,

Leopard tattoo


Leopard tattoo

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  Manju_Sahua Is my red crown a good fish!

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  Dry Mountain qq said: there is a common carp, learn to learn, thank you for sharing.

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  神樂锦鲤 再补充一点,带有绯的红色小鱼,30公分之前你不要想着它会很红,要是小鱼就很红的一般养不大或者是喂色扬,

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正常情况下鱼是Orange red orange

How to see a fish? Leopard tattoo
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