Ibaka fish Amoyed a small tank and raised a few goldfish



Ibaka fish Amoyed a small tank and raised a few goldfish

Recently I bought a second-hand small tank and planned to raise some small things to play with. The fish market went around for a long time and went there several times. Finally, I bought the 120 filter of Yabo ruthlessly, but the small filter is expensive. I see second-handIts still 70-80, the new one I got directly.There are cheap 30-40, but when I came back, I added some fine cotton in it, and I felt that the cotton I brought was not good.Goldfish is good. I did not open the tank or heat it. After washing the tank with potassium permanganate, the trapped water went directly into the fish.Ive been raising Arhat for almost a year, and the fish market has been around for a long time. I think its better to buy a few goldfish for fun. As soon as I come to cold-water fish, I dont need to heat up and save money. Second, I have a big fish.Goldfish, dumb, dumb, dont know what to call, who will give pointers.White is called Hedinghong, what is yellow?

Ibaka fish Amoyed a small tank and raised a few goldfish Rosewood (solid wood) Aquarium
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