The new Qixing knife is always sinking in for help



The new Qixing knife is always sinking in for help

Yesterday, the newly-invited Qixing Dao was always sinking in his head. Why didnt he eat?Feed Dried shrimp Live fish Dont eat fish chunks I know its a nocturnal deliberately turn off the lights to feed at night There are wood fishermen know to help out Thank you!

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Polar bear kowtow said: Its not the attitude to watch the swords raised by fishermen swim up~ worry.
Slowly 001 said: Its okay to be hungry for a few days. Its okay. I raised it with three silver dragons. When the silver dragon was hungry for seven or eight days, I put the seven-star knife into it and fed it. The silver dragon c++ame up and rushed.Qixing Dao also snatched food with the rhythm of Yinlong, and soon integrated into the organization.Haha.
Li Ai said: Qixing Swordfish may seem to sink its head, but it should be able to eat. After a few days, it is probably timid.

The new Qixing knife is always sinking in for help Three Ratfish of the Emperor


  I should be able to eat, look at it in a few days, it is probably timid


  Almost timid

Xcdcxq fish friend: great work
Wordless bag fish friend: looking forward to the results, it will be much better than before.
Wordless bag fish friend: the pump is too small, and the filtration is obviously not enough. At-35 or at-36 is suitable. How big is the upper filter of the landlord?
Xiyun fish friends:
Xcdcxq fish friend: give me the tiger and I"ll keep it for you
Wordless bag fish friend: no picture??????
Xicheng Xiaoqi fish friend: today is the first day
Wordless bag fish friend: wrap it with filter cotton


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