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Little Silver Dragon (2)_Fairy Tales_Stories_Gold Fairy Tales Network

Finally one day, all the animals in the world disappeared, that is to say, all the animals were extinct, which led to a series of one after another.

  Little Silver Dragon felt strange, looked around in the air, and found that there was an old elm tree not far away, and the branches were scorched by the scorching sun, and he looked helpless. He flew over and shouted, "Grandpa Elm, are you still alive?"?"

  Xiaoyinlong promised to rise up and read the spell.Soon, with the strong wind, large patches of rain clouds gathered around him.Xiaoyinlong shouted a few more times, and a few bursts of thunder exploded.

  It wasnt until the little silver dragon was so tired that he couldnt stop the rain, and he planned to fall to the ground to take a look at his achievements.But when the clouds cleared, he was dumbfounded: where there was still the shadow of the land, there was only a muddy sea of water.But seeing people paddling all kinds of things that can float up, drifting down the water, and still cursing this damn rain in their mouths.

  The old dragon king didnt speak, his face was tight.Stretched and stretched, suddenly unable to stretch, he laughed and laughed straight back and forth, tears came out.With his laughter, the people in the water disappeared, the flooded land disappeared, and the sea of waves was still beneath them.

  Xiaoyinlong knew that he was in trouble, and he was crying anxiously.At this moment, I saw the old elm slowly emerged from the water, and immediately transformed into the old dragon king.I saw that he was shaking with two silver whiskers and shouted at Xiaoyinlong, "Look at the good things you did, are you happy now?""

  1 Do you believe it?There are really fairies in the world! Really! I am a goblin, such as a goblin with fake replacement and a penalty of ten penalties! you guys.

  At the beginning, Xiaoyinlong was cautiously afraid of not controlling the rainfall, but when he heard the cheers from the people on the land, he forgot everything happily and used his whole body skills to send the rain endlessly.To the earth, even the old elm tree repeatedly shouted "enough is enough" and did not hear it.

  Xiao Yinlong wiped away her tears and let out a long breath. Then, he held the old dragon king and said, "Grandpa, I will continue to study."

  In the forest, there is a dark, dark room. Outside the house, there is a large three-story tree surrounded by a circle of glowing fences.

  There is an ant nest under the tree, where many ants live. When she drilled hard out of the pupa and slowly opened her eyes, she heard one.

Little Silver Dragon (2)_Fairy Tales_Stories_Gold Fairy Tales Network Little fish

  The old elm said hardly: "If it doesnt rain, Im afraid it wont last long.You are, I recognize it. Are you the grandson of the old dragon king, Xiaoyinlong?Come back and tell your grandpa, give us a life-saving rain."
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