Guardian of An Pang Pure Blood Red Dragon



Guardian of An Pang Pure Blood Red Dragon

Some new players dont know An Pang and havent even heard of An Pang. This is not everyones fault. In the past, Mr. An Pangs Red Dragon was mainly taken up by Taiwan and Japan, so it is difficult to see in China.The two words of An Pang gradually came into everyones attention. I believe more people will know this ancient and pure Red dragon fish Farm from Indonesia in the future!I found some materials more than 20 years ago in the books of Mr. An Pangs house last night. From this point we can at least see that he was already a celebrity in the Red Dragon Realm in those years. Looking back now, although Mr. An Pang is obviousIts getting older, but we can clearly see that An Pang Honglong is still the same as before, without any improvement, we call it the original dragon! It is Mr. An Pangs insistence that we can still see the original red dragon today, and then we can feel the charm of the original dragon!Its giant, its green skin, and its toughness are all that the improved fish does not have! Jakarta

  ======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====

  Tianjin Dayong Fortuna Parrot said: An Chong is trustworthy!I heard that people are trustworthy!

  Jingan Jingning, this kind of fish must be very expensive.

  Xicheng Laohan said: Does An Pang Honglong belong to Chili or Blood Red Dragon?

  Hu Shi Su Riga said: It is enough to work hard and change houses to support An Pang!

  The prehistoric dragon family said: You have too few posts

  Zhangzhou Xiao Zhang Zhang Although I havent bought your fish, the word of mouth is still good among the fish friends, and I have never heard any negative voices.

  The blue Youruohao said:

Guardian of An Pang Pure Blood Red Dragon Little fish

  Zuge said: Although Bai Mao has never bought your fish, but you are the person I like, the fish is fine

  Guangzhou Zhongyi Car Loan said:

  Tsunami i said: Do you see you post see you post
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