Xiaobai asked the bottom filter the great god ran in



Xiaobai asked the bottom filter the great god ran in

It has been tedious to play with simple upper filter all the time, and then I started to understand the working principle of the bottom filter. I have never been able to figure out how the bottom filter chamber is designed, how to complete the one-meter five-cylinder, triple overflow, how many pumps are needed, How many squares does the filter bin need?How to absorb water, how to get out of water, do you have drawings of filter tanks and fish tanks? I will be free in the next two months. I want to order a glass and get one. It is boring to buy finished products.
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Xiaobai asked the bottom filter the great god ran in fishbowlkacepir Comment: Its too late today, I will send you a picture back to show you
Lei Feng g7sJL Comment: I also made my own fish tank, ready
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