Fish farming-analysis and management of air bubbles on the surface (reproduced)



Fish farming-analysis and management of air bubbles on the surface (reproduced)

I noticed that making bubbles in the fish tank is a headache for the fish friends. As a large-scale ornamental fish, Lanshou has a very high demand for oxygen, so in the process of Lanshou breeding, how to keep fish with sufficient oxygen is an important thing.Many friends have chosen to install an aerobic device on the side.But quite often, fish friends will find bubbles popping up and attaching to the water, even the fish cant see clearly.So what is the reason?
Reasons for bubbles:
1. The density of the fish is large, the amount of bait is large, and the scale glue on the fish body is also falling off, which is caused by the excretion after feeding.This foam is small.
2. A large number of dead fish or live bait died (not found but left in corners or dark places), and has begun to become severely corrupt and smelly, and the carcass smell is already in the water.This type of bubble is relatively large, but it can also have a size.
3. When feeding fishmeal bait products, the viscosity of the water increases due to the scattered bait polluting the water quality or excessive use of coagulants such as gelatin and carboxymethyl cellulose in the bait; it may also be because the pellet feed is not eaten by fishThe deterioration will cause water pollution.This kind of foam is large, accompanied by a few large bubbles.
4. Feeding a large number of Daphnia, especially large Daphnia, caused by decomposition of a part of Daphnia after death.This foam is medium and small bubbles.
5. Acute death of water earthworms (caused by bacteria).The water is extremely turbid and the foam is generally small.
6. Oily foods cause large surface tension of water and poor permeability.
7. If you do not pay attention to the breeding period, part of the eggs discharged by the broodstock will be eaten by the fish or another part will be left in the corner or flow into the filter tank. It will be moldy and rotten for a long time.
Daily management matters:
1. Enhance water filtration and clean the filter cotton regularly;
2. Replace the inferior bait that is easy to loose or has more foam after feeding;
3. Frequently check whether the fish eat the remaining bait, if any, remove it in time;
4. Replace part of the new water regularly to keep the water fresh
5. Temporarily turn off the filter for 15 minutes when feeding frozen daphnia or red blood worm, so as not to flow into the filter tank and cause spoilage.
6. If the foam is serious, you should adjust 2/3 of the fish tank water in two or three times or change all the water. If you add the cleaning of the tank wall, you can call it "clean the tank".
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Dongmen Hair Dryer Comment: Very powerful and strong.
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