The peacock finally gave birth, but only one was born. The belly is still black. It has been a few hours. Will it still be born? Will the little peacock start feeding tomorrow?Ask the prawn!
======== Xianglong aquarium joined Yuyou said =====
I said Xueba: Under normal circumstances, if you can still see a small fish in it, it will be born, not just one!
Sweet little girl said: Thank you
The hug of the fracture said: It seems that the landlord is already resolved
andme said: although the problem has been solved, still come to help the landlord
Mo Xi said: If the first child will have fewer births, then he will have more births, and then his stomach will become smaller.

Anxious Colorful Arowagolden arowana sandalwoodnaSweet little girl said: 6 have been born, it has been two days since it should not be reborn, how can you still see black in her belly?
Rotten Rotten said: It should be produced smoothly as long as it is healthy fish
Heel pointed said: When there is time for guppies to be born, there will be a time interval in the middle
Brainache said: calm
Weiwei said: What is the current situation?


1789774 fish friend: I haven"t heard of it I need more advice
Ten million fish friends: Post reply
Sorry, Qinglong turned.
Fish friend: I don"t understand. Landlord, has your green dragon turned??
Thank you for your answer. When I cleaned the bucket today, I found that the biochemical cotton was sucked in but not swallowed by the dragon. I"m finally relieved!
memory! Fish friend:.
31 fish friends: reply to the post of washing and sleeping bar


Any hobbyist into Jikin

GH Arowana

Bare bottom tank question .

uplisting of freshwater stingrays (Potam

help help!!!!


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