Where is the price of freshwater fish in China?

From various markets, the market volume of freshwater fish in the Mawangdui market in Changsha, Hunan continues to shrink, pushing the overall price of freshwater fish to maintain a high level, and the prices of some fish have continued to rise.The price of freshwater fish in the Baishazhou market in Wuhan, Hubei, has risen for five consecutive weeks. The average price of nine bulk fish species last week was 13.6 yuan, up by 2.18%, the largest increase of silver carp, crucian carp, and silver carp rose by 10.74%, 9.89%, 8.33%.The average price of grass carp in Liuyong Market in Liuzhou, Guangxi last Friday was 14.3 yuan, up 16.28%; average carp price 12.9 yuan, up 2.1%; the average price of octopus is 15 yuan, up 1.96%.Compared with the same period last year, grass carp and carp rose by 54.44%, 30.72%. The Changsha Mawangdui market and the Hubei Baishazhou market report that the main reason for the continued rise in the price of freshwater fish is the tight supply of goods, the lack of supply in the market, and the increase in the volume of adjustments in other provinces, which has pushed prices up continuously.Analysis by China Aquatic Products Processing Association, Liuzhou Liuyong Market, etc. First, the rain and snow weather around the Spring Festival caused some fish products to freeze to death, some areas failed to leave the pond, and the supply of aquatic products decreased; second, feed, fry, transportation,Expenses such as salvage have increased the cost of aquatic products. Thirdly, meat prices have remained high, and the number of people who take fish for meat has increased, and the consumption of aquatic products has increased, raising market prices.

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