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Yuyou Innocence Chicken Insect Say: Sign in god?
Fish Friends Hedgehog 002 Say: This is a good sign
Fish friend shmily001 Say: Get the medal
Yuyou13525094018 Say: I have to wait 300 days haha

Apply for Medal Albino duckbillYuyou Longding Little Housekeeper Say: Hello, thank you for your support to the Dragon Fish Summit Forum!After verifying that you have signed in for 730 consecutive days, the sign of the God Medal and 500 Dragon Coins have been issued. Please verify that I hope you can support Dragon Summit as always!Hope you can support Longding as always!
Dragon laugh day fish friends smell LS brother Taiwan: only don"t fight, accidentally because of the fight, but the way arowana call accidentally surprised.
Silent travel fish friends: arowana good surfing is to make the rush,
Sell blood raise arowana fish friend: floor, when is millimeter! A meter and a half is plenty of glass, Chin
Dragon paradise fish friend: 1: can increase the volume of arowana, make the fish shape better. :
Night HAO Manyu friends call no.2 arowana
It"s not easy to mix two arowanas.
Dragon laughing fish friends C


Bare bottom tank question .

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My Happy Ranchu Tank!


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