Galaxy P14 Stingray Guangzhou Nanjing ChengduTalents are associated with house purchasesThe property



Galaxy P14 Stingray Guangzhou Nanjing ChengduTalents are associated with house purchasesThe property market policy is quietly loosened?

Fourth, the purchase of housing by talents is still "no housing, no speculation", whether it is the New Deal in Nanjing, or the so-called document rules that have been passed out in Chengdu.All of them require that the purchased house cannot be transferred within 5 years.Needless to say, this restricts the possibility of real estate speculation.Fifth, most of the future city competition will be related to these three factors: investment, talent, and house purchase.In todays urban competition, the three have almost become strong associations.Investment promotion must have talent introduction. If there is talent introduction, there must be restrictions on house purchase factors. If there are restrictions on house purchase, talent purchase policies will inevitably be introduced.Therefore, in the future we will definitely see more cities making more new articles on these three key elements.

  In Shanghai, the limited social security payment period in the Lingang designated area is shortened, and singles can also buy houses.Guangzhou, which previously required the purchase of housing for five consecutive years of social security or personal tax, became a five-year social security or personal tax.This is undoubtedly a great advantage for many non-registered persons who have withdrawn their payments.There are many places where talents are strongly linked to house purchases.

  Such a talent policy will have an impact on the introduction of talent and the property market.In addition to Chengdu, Nanjing, all over the country, the property market New Deal is blooming everywhere.In Shenzhen, the “luxury tax”, which had a significant impact on the former second-hand housing market, was greatly reduced.Floor area ratio 1.For second-hand houses with an area of more than 0 and an area of 144 square meters or less, as long as they have reached 2 years, the luxury house tax will be cancelled.

Galaxy P14 Stingray Guangzhou Nanjing ChengduTalents are associated with house purchasesThe property Red-tailed Arowana

  02 Talents are strongly associated with house purchases, and the practice is very familiar.A few days ago, Nanjing had such a fierce operation.Nanjing first introduced the policy of buying a house with a college degree, and then launched the "Measures for Commercial Housing Purchase by Nanjing Talents in 2020 (Trial)".

  For the enterprises that attract investment, they have signed a cooperation agreement with the management committee, the enterprises have been registered in the direct management area, the employees have been actually employed in the direct management area and other three types of talents. The employer can apply for house purchase support for them in Chengdu.During the period of purchase restriction, the purchase of housing within the direct management area is not subject to restrictions on household registration and social security payment.However, the purchased commercial housing shall not be listed for transfer within 5 years from the date of being recorded in the real estate register from the date of the contract filing.

  The name of this document is a bit long.The title is "Notice of the Sichuan Tianfu New District Chengdu Administrative Committee Office on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Measures of the Chengdu Tianfu New District Chengdu Direct Management District to Support the Purchase of Houses by Resident Enterprises (Institutions).The documents are stamped with official seals and detailed provisions.It is probably true, but no news has been announced yet.If the file is true, there are a few things to see behind it.

  03 What does all this mean?First, there is a big restriction on "no housing, no speculation", but it does not hinder the "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea to Show Their Wonders".The property market policy will become more flexible and more detailed from one city to one policy.Even a certain district implements a certain policy, or a certain policy in a certain area of second-hand housing.Second, the property market policies throughout the country are blooming everywhere, indicating that the property market loosening is carried out on a small scale, the house can not be speculated, but the property market must also be stabilized.In fact, several places this year revealed that the property market is only allowed to rise by 5% of internal document information, this increase is similar to the national P increase.Although the increase is not big, but after all, there is an increase. If there is an increase, a property market is needed, and if there is a property market, a group of buyers is needed.Then, the policy will not be rigid.Third, "talent" is being defined more broadly, and the scope is becoming larger. The demand for talents in the bottom cities is of course more supportive of the bottom property market.For example, the Nanjing document stated in 2018 that "high-level talents buy commercial housing", but now it has become "talent buys commercial housing."The difference between the words is very big.

  All available commercial houses in the city are given priority to talents. Houses are selected in the order of priority of talents and other buyers.

  In short, it can be different from the previous household registration requirements of Tianfu New District Chengdu Direct Management District or the hard conditions of continuous payment of social security for 24 months.In other words, regulation is relaxed.As long as qualified personnel are available, green channels can be used to purchase houses in this area.
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