Aiyu and I cheer for Chinese athletes



Aiyu and I cheer for Chinese athletes

I am a sports player and an athlete, so I am very concerned about the performance of the Chinese athletes in the Olympics. Oh, on the opening day of last Saturday, I fed Xiao Long, and the dragon fish also went around excitedly (the key is a weekNo feeding and huh).When Du Li didnt get the first gold in the Olympics, I was very frustrated. I dont like swimming when looking at dragon fish. I was very happy when the Chinese Jianer won the gold medal. I also felt that it was cheering for our Chinese athletes.Ha ha, look at what it looks like when it sees the Olympic rings, ha ha ha ha, looking forward to the success of Chinese athletes.
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13356999041 review: good gem
A Long Teng Hu Yue A Comment: Come on
loutianyu Comment: Ah, you have one ring more than the fifth ring
Hedgehogs 002 Comment: Really good, good fish
Xiaoqiang (∩_∩) Comment: I finally saw your fish.
Wandering qq comment: Wuhuan is good
zp850621 Comment: Shenlong.
likemagic comment: beautiful

Aiyu and I cheer for Chinese athletes Kowloon Tank (Dragon Fish Tank)Dreamcatcher 001002 Comment: Beautiful
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Arowana I also love a fish friend: beautiful
Jiadi Feng fish friend: in surfing, swine can be born with necessary water in the tank, so that the still water is a chain of living water, which is conducive to the arowana"s travel, and is conducive to the BB at the bottom of the tank. ,


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