ALBINO PEARL STINGR Heating rods doubt



ALBINO PEARL STINGR Heating rods doubt

Ask you fish oil, heating rods endless variety of smart now, what brand has, which in the end really can not believe it more reliable?!And traditional stick in the end how it compared to the election?
If intelligence is better, why some imported brands of large production does not stick?Its a headache.
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Friends of deep water fish Office said: afraid bad to put two heating rods
White waves in the 002 fish lovers say: EHEIM good use.
Strawberry statement aquarists say: Recommended SunTek
vvYfxGwg aquarists said: I would rather create a 500-watt inverter, as well as a 800-watt frequency of.Feeling good
Recalling the night T80uY fish lovers say: good light special million
zp850621 aquarists say: Look
Time to fish lovers say: flashy, back to nature.
cxing aquarists say: I am a EHEIM a JBL
shibin18 aquarists say: the traditional stable.
Fish o-wing brother aquarists say
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