xanthic red arowana update possibility I need to sell it



xanthic Red Arowana update possibility I need to sell it

update of my arowana, about 16inches or more. hoping I dont need to move for work by month end. been a great fish.
Nice unique xanthic red,TFS.
>Looking good. Hope you can continue to keep the fish.
>wahahha rare genetic....

xanthic red arowana update possibility I need to sell it Silver Edition Fish>thank you boss
>Nice fish , rare catch
>Is the cert " Xanthic red " ?
whats is the difference between a Xanthic red and Xanthic crossback ?
Nice fish !! but it looks too eerily similar to a banjar yellowtail Aro with a huge price difference for me ..
Hope you wouldnt have to move for work too !
>Oh yeah, if is red, why the horseshoe marking so obvious like green or yellow tail?
>Look the same like yellow tail..only the body marking like green
>wow deep deep pocket!
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