Albino Koala Color terms



Albino Koala Color terms

1. What color is white?
White: The color displayed by objects of all wavelengths that reflect visible light is "white", but the actual visual world does not have a complete "white". In fact, the maximum brightness of white that can be seen is specified as 9.5 (set for 10).
Snow White: The white of Koi muscles is often compared to snow.The white representing snow is called "Snow white" and its brightness is 9.5, the so-called snow white.Besides, the fairy tale "Snow White" is "Snow white" in English.In Western countries, womens ideal skin is white.
Milky white:[Milk white],[Milk color].The opaque white like milk has a brightness of 9.5.
Ivory: Bright milky white with yellow, shiny, so it feels more than real whiteness.
Off-white:[off-white].Grayish white, but slightly yellowish.
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