Tiger fish Waking up in the morning is more healthy



tiger fish Waking up in the morning is more healthy

Tiger fish Waking up in the morning is more healthy Cichlidae

  A few shells were added, and the size was a bit small, so it didnt show up.========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  jrjymzm Yuyu said: Dreamy and beautiful! What size cylinder is this?
Liu Yang Shuaifu Yu You said: Shui Qing Yu Liang
Dedication to raise fish Yuyu said: spectacular
Liu Jianwen mtNL Yuyou said: What lamp?
Fashion Bazaar Wedding Photography Yuyou said: Yes
Mai Baojiang Chilong Yuyu said: Shui Qingyu Liang
nicwwd Yuyou said: They are so beautiful to swim in groups
16833996 Yuyou said: This tank raises some fish sword sand
The dog Yuyu of the Heitaro family said: early
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Ley choon gold tagged 2009

Setting up CA cichlid natural habitat

rays and loaches

FS: 8-9 inch FRT Pig Nose Turtleprofita

Tap water


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