Cichlidae Prepare to build a ground pool and start construction immediately



Cichlidae Prepare to build a ground pool and start construction immediately

Recently I was going to get a pond in the yard. Lets see if there are any shortcomings in this design. If there is no problem, I will start construction.Especially look at the cupping tube warehouse, is the design reasonable?Is the principle correct?
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╰潴头民~ Comment: The filtration is too small, it will be very troublesome in the later stage, the water is definitely unclear, press 3:1 to change it
Peacock Comments: How many tons of water are you and how big is the bottom tube
Peacock Comments: Ready to use flying saucer
Alarmed the center?/fd Comment: The sedimentation bin should be large enough. If possible, get a second-level sedimentation. Although my sedimentation bin is not small, the water flow is large, and small debris can not settle down.In the brush and the rattan cotton, the nitrifying bacteria should not be able to attach. Just after running for a few days, the water will be cleaned, and the back will not work.It should be that the filter material is too dirty.A lot of dirty things on it., The bottom water pipe should be big enough,
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How much is a bag of pig feed,
How much is a pack of pig feed per pound?
How much feed does a chicken grow up to eat
How much money can a pack of feed make~
Arowana feeds grow fast@


Need advice on how durable is a rusty Fi

Cute n fat NGT

Longxin 7 Crossback For sale - SOLD

FS: 90 gal bowfront complete reef setup

Two adult aro com.


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