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Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of insect is this? I dont think it is a protein bug. The protein bug does not move so fast. This is relatively large, and there are some very tiny ones that crawl on the bottom of the tank and float with the water.
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Money Feed East Guangdong Agent Comment: No one knows?
Money Feed East Guangdong Agent Comment: Come here
Black Gold Stingray*
Can Thunder Dragon be mixed with stingray#
Stingray can"t overturn&
Big sail bite stingray,
Stingray and map fish!
Parrot fish biting red fish:


Aro without tankmate

Xback co125 gallon aquariummm?

Ikan Jelawat aka Sultan fish

New livestock arrivals 051516

Hi,newbie onboard


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  • 2022-07-16 22:16:55

    How can the phoenix arhat fish be anti-sand)