Lets see how this fish is raised



Lets see how this fish is raised

Lets see how this fish is raised Piscilla hairyThis fish everyone give a comment, thank you

  =(Comments on alliance Sianlon Arowana Aquatic friends)=

  Davidsonc Say: Red and white seem to have crossed their eyes and gills, and Dazheng Fei and Mo feel a little confused.Personal opinion, no need to care.Fish is good, 10 people have 10 kinds of sayings.
East of Yuyou River Say: Reply to @Davidsonc: Thank you for pointing!
Yuyou Qiuweixin002 Say: The bullet head is a missile head, so the pattern is pretty
Yuyou Dujiang Angler Say: enjoy
Yuyou 13406456376 Say: Okay!Mainly because you like it!
The first acquaintance of fish friends Koi Say: The second section of red and white lipstick, with more exposed shoulders, a little light-headed.Dazheng Fei and Mo are separated.There are too few dews on the third day to evaluate!In short, these two are OK.
Yuyou ℃ below zero Say: Mo San is not good-looking
Yuyou ℃ below zero Say: Good posture, just like it
Yuyou Mugu Morning Clock Say: Very well raised
Arowana hasn"t changed water for 2 months*
How often does red arowana change water
What if there is too much floating head for arowana%
Correct method of changing water for Arowana~
How to change water for raising Arowana@
Can dragon fish die by changing water directly:
How can dragon fish fade——


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