Aquatic aquaculture microporous aeration technology



Aquatic aquaculture microporous aeration technology

"Micropore oxygenation" technology is the pond pipe micropore oxygenation technology. It adopts the method of bottom aeration and oxygenation. The oxygenation area is wide and the release of dissolved oxygen is even. The dissolved oxygen at the bottom is increased to accelerate the ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and sulfurization at the bottom.The oxidation of hydrogen inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms at the bottom. "Micropore oxygenation" causes the rotation and upward and downward flow of the water flow, bringing the harmful gases out of the water surface, improving the water quality of the pond and reducing the occurrence of diseases.Sufficient dissolved oxygen in the pond water ensures the growth of aquatic animals and improves the survival rate, specifications and output of aquaculture."Microporous aerator" also has the advantages of energy saving, low noise, and safety. Under the same host power, the aerators aerobic capacity is three times that of the impeller aerator.Recommended: veterinary drug agent


  Advantages of microporous oxygenation


  (1) Improve the ecological environment of aquaculture water.The aeration and oxygenation produces a wide range of bubble flow at the bottom of the water body. Generally, when the water depth is 2m, the atomized bubbles can diffuse to 3~4m; a diameter is 1.The 2m underwater aerator plate produces a vortex bubble water flow, and the effective aerator area is 35㎡.Sufficient airflow is in contact with a large area of water, which can ensure that the dissolved oxygen at the bottom of the water body is 6.5mg/l, accelerate the oxidative decomposition of harmful substances such as organic matter and nitrite deposited at the bottom of the water body, and can bring harmful toxic gases out of the water surface, thereby improving and stabilizing the water quality, creating a suitable growth environment for fish, shrimp and crab, and reducing diseasehappened.


  (B) can significantly increase the breeding density.The gas explosion oxygenation is the static oxygenation at the bottom of the water. The entire water body has sufficient dissolved oxygen to increase the activity of the breeding objects in all layers of the water body, increase appetite, shorten the breeding cycle, and create conditions for increasing the biological load of the water body.For example, the breeding of Penaeus vannamei adopts the underwater aeration and aeration method, the stocking density per mu can be 8 to 100,000, and the output can reach about 1000kg.Because the aeration method can improve and stabilize the water quality environment, reduce the production of stress and other diseases, improve the survival rate, increase appetite and growth rate.




  According to the law of dissolved oxygen change in water, determine the time and period of start-up aeration.Generally, it will be turned on at midnight in rainy days from April to May; it will be turned on 2-3 hours in the afternoon in June-October, and then turned on 2-3 hours 1 hour before sunrise, continuous rainy or low-pressure weather, power on at 21:00-22:00 at night,It lasts until noon the next day; it is turned on frequently in the late breeding period to promote the growth of aquaculture objects.Conduct dissolved oxygen testing conditionally and turn on the system in time to ensure that the dissolved oxygen in the water is 6-8 mg/L.




  (1) If the micro-pore tube is broken, replace it in time.(2) Too much algae adheres to block the micropores. Pat for one day after exposure, shake off attachments, or soak in 20% detergent for 1 hour, clean and dry before use.(3) Ensure that the power box does not leak electricity.(4) Roots blower is regularly lubricated and maintained.(5) To prevent rust during the rainy season.(6) To prevent exposure in high temperature season, you can build a pergola.(7) It is found that the interface is loose and fixed in time.(8) At the end of the production cycle, after dismantling, store it in the warehouse.


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