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Starting from September 17, 2017 to record daily growth. In addition to eating, drinking and playing, life is quiet and quiet to see its existence, to raise it, you have to raise it. Not a good fish is better than a good fish in your heart.Posting is to use platform records, not other uses, and insist on being yourself. 442 West City Times, Changyuan Middle Road, Heilinpu Street, Wuhua District, Kunming, Yunnan
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Dawning weixin0003 Comment: Beautiful, like one
Chang Feng v1M3I Comment: The filtering is powerful enough

Hit with you GOLDEN BLUE BASE CROSS BACKDawn weixin0003 Comment: This fish is really beautiful
Sanshunsheng Comment: Brother is a real fish lover
A Pulai also commented: Patience drops
Hooker Comment: Beautiful
sam-zheng comment: makes sense
Wei ai koi Comments: Some density
Zheng Xiangwei Comment: This density
Yushu Lin crazy Comments: Or cold water fish worry
There are two pieces of glass in the overflow area, the inner glass is glued on three sides, and the height is the actual water level; The outer glass is glued on both sides, 3M away from the cylinder bottom, and the spacing between the two glasses is 1 ~ 1.5m. The function is the siphon principle
There is no such situation in my finished cylinder. Maybe it"s like yours
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google aquariummy kelberi pics

How to identirockfish poisonfy the Aro i

Dragon King

Finally !!!!

Superworms - 1000 @malaysia famous compa


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