Yanglong Sanzijing;



Yanglong Sanzijing;

At the beginning of raising a dragon, the meaning is good.Xi is similar and not far away.
Study hard and study hard.If there is a problem, go to the forum.
Open cylinder
If you dont invite the dragon, open the tank first.With filter material, it should be appropriate,
Keep the water well, dont panic, take your time, dont be nervous.
The water is clear and the dragon enters the tank.Happy to appreciate.
Change water frequently, wipe the tank frequently, dont feed, dont be anoxic.
Tune food and change patterns.Speak science and follow the rules.
If you have a disease, dont panic. Use your medicine carefully.
Be calm and recuperate slowly.That is, you must be healthy.
Before raising a dragon, be a man.Take a closer look and ask more.
To raise water, please order gold, or silver dragon, or green gold.
In learning, use your brain and accumulate experience to keep in mind.
The longer the day, the deeper the poison, the heavier the heart, the more diligent.
The goal is to be ambitious, blood-red dragon, and gold-backed.
Learn to appreciate and appreciate the dragon.Hot pepper, red blood dragon.
The most plain, belongs to Qinglong.With nano, its too hard to touch.
Yellow-tailed dragon, native species.Platinum Dragon is the most valuable.
The most elegant is the Silver Dragon.The silver is bright and the room is bright.
Dragons dont think about it, they dont make things, we dont learn, they dont understand dragons.
To polyculture, talk about skills.The number should be more, not less.
Enter the tank at the same time, while it is young.Without guessing, the success was early.
The Jiulong cylinder is magnificent.This dive, he rose.
Mixing five dragons, good practice.The number of admissions is good.
Ssangyong will be a challenge.Fight for heroes and talk about heroes.
Hardship and boldness.Dont be careless, dont be afraid.
There is a level before entering the tank.Three hours, the war is about to start.

Yanglong Sanzijing; Overback ArowanaSteady water flow, adjust three meals.Dont be strong, never turn off at night.
Add Silver Dragon to distract your eyes.Observe frequently, dont be lazy.
If it doesnt work, stay in it for three days.The score wins and loses, gradually gradual.
He will lose, knowing to dodge, the wound will heal, and the dragon will gradually settle down.
The fish are harmonious and happy.Meet the challenge without fear.
Dare to try, not afraid of difficulty.Intentional people, Zhi Ziyuan!
make friends
Making long friends, being humble and sincere, dare to ask.
Universal world, Fan Longyou, my sister, my brother.
Tao Qingcao, nourish temperament, pay more, love my dragon.
He hovered, he was agile, he was luxurious and dignified.
Accompanied by love dragon, this life.

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