Great God help to see if this dissolves fins?



Great God help to see if this dissolves fins?

Yesterday it was quarantined!Before the quarantine, the tail was bigger than it is now. It was like this when I got up this morning, even smaller!Is it fin melting?How to treat?
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Yaochi Cleansing Skin Comment: Look carefully at the edge of the fin strip, remove it and use a microscope to see if the veins exceed the membrane and appear rough
Yujun Tongle Comment: Anyone who raises fish knows this fish friend upstairs
spy_feng Comment: It will be good to rest and strengthen the water quality
Snail comment: Ok, note it down, thank you!
Hey YY Comment: Reply @米拉玛克斯: Hey!Too bad
Hey YY Comment: Reply @小景深深: Yes!can not avoid
Miramax has the same flame red fight in the spring, so the yellow powder is isolated. and finally died
Xiao Jingshen comment: This seems to be a relatively common disease
Hey YY Comment: Reply @天舞神司: How effective?
Hey YY Reply @螺鱼: It seems that I can only wait for it to return to the lake
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