Dajins face knocked off another piece



Dajins face knocked off another piece

When can I recover
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Dalian Mushan Farm Comment: Change another tank.The fish and you both suffered, just practiced like this, and came to talk about others.
A.Fun-loving comment: My fish is also an old face!
航航weixin Comment: deserve it
Quiet and happy Comment: Your fish scales are all firm
:べ.Zhen Comments: Take your time, 20-30 days
Longer obediently comments: about a month.
The story of the fish beauty Comment: Not much to feed!Feed a shrimp for two days.
Cainiao 100 Comment: General situation Half a month to a month
Talking dumb comment: take it slowly
szhslwj Comment: Is it too fierce?Haha
Rich fish friend: mine is the same problem
Red Arowana query authenticity?
Reply to Long Xiang"s post
Qigong fish friend: it"s simple: as much water is pumped into the pump, so much water will flow out
Red dragon machine gun and laser fish


fully cross back gold arowana

P13 stingray for sale (male)

P14 pups born

Ocean Free ultra slim hang on filter wit

Rtg Frienbig fish tanks for sale cheapd


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