Split cylinder



Split cylinder

Immediately feed in separate tanks
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ren001002006 comment: really small
Chuangyixuan Decoration Design Comment: What kind of lamp should I change?
L-H-R Comment: Not too small
Dragon Fish Summit Comments: Really good posts I hope to communicate with each other in the future, raise fish and mind, explore and learn more on the Dragon Summit platform, hope to reply to help me step on
kuny坤 Comment: It is better to keep them separately
Ten years qq0009 Comments: a lot of fish
W小糊涂仙 Comment: Lots of food
Longer obediently commented: It is better to change the lamp.

Split cylinder Brazilian Asiatic Fish
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11inches AAA blue base Crossback

Summer Order - CVMaju

Red-hooked Silver Edition Fish


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    Arowana, how about eating feed?~

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    Can goldfish and peacocks be mixed,