How to assemble a freshwater aquarium



How to assemble a freshwater aquarium

If there is a light, dont turn it on all night, the fish also need to rest.Fish have no eyelids, so they need darkness to help them sleep.If there are no plants in your aquarium, turn on the lights only when watching fish.Fish do not need to be exposed to light all day, and turning on the lights at night will only breed algae.

  You can also choose a fish tank with a capacity of 90 to 110 litres.Keep some easy-to-live fish (such as jasmine fish, guppies, swordtail fish, fatty carp, small squirrel fish, pay attention not to arhat fish) and see if you are interested in fish farming.

  Some plants need to be fixed on other objects.Use a fishing line that will not hurt the fish or plants to tie the plants to ornaments or clean driftwood stones.

  If you use bottom sand filter, you can consider buying a submerged power head to replace the air pump, the power head is quieter and more efficient.Refer to the power filter to select the appropriate model.

  Pick your favorite fish and buy the two smallest ones.If it is a gregarious fish, you need to buy 4 to 6 fish, 6 fish is the best.Add a batch of new fish every two weeks, and finally put in the largest fish.

  If you choose a power filter, make sure that the fish tank matches it.(The best power is to circulate 22 litres of water for 1 hour, and a 45 litre fish tank requires a filter with a power of 227 litres per hour)

  Do not choose a fish tank with a capacity of less than 45 litres.The mini aquarium or small betta is too small to hold aquarium fish.The small fish tank looks good to serve, but it is actually more troublesome to clean up.

  If your aquarium is difficult to clean, then consider growing some plants, they can keep the tank wall clean and bright.Please buy plants from the pet store to prevent harm to the fish.

How to assemble a freshwater aquarium Little fish

  You can purchase a complete set of aquariums at the pet store.You can buy a complete set of second-hand aquariums at low prices on websites such as Craigslist, 58 Tongcheng, and Taobao, but check for water leaks before use.

  An aquarium with a capacity of 90 liters or more must be equipped with a storage table.Buy a suitable shelf for the fish tank. The fish tank filled with water is very heavy!The shelf should match the model of the fish tank or be strong enough.In order to ensure the safety of the fish tank, the shelf must be able to bear the weight of the fish tank.In addition, the fish tank is best not to choose sharp corners.

  Ask the pet store staff to help you.Consult with experienced employees or front desk experts.If the person you ask is not very knowledgeable, ask someone in time.

  The beneficial bacteria growing on the cylinder wall can absorb ammonia and nitrite.Adding too many fish at once will consume these beneficial bacteria and disrupt the ecological balance in the fish tank.The new tank cycle takes about 30-45 days before it can produce enough beneficial bacteria to clean up fish manure.Putting more fish will only backfire.

  Tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals that can kill fish. Unless you distill immediately, you must neutralize the water.Add the dechlorinating agent according to the instructions on the bottle and the beneficial bacteria catalyst.

  22 liters of water weighs about 21 kilograms.According to this standard, the load-bearing capacity of the table is estimated.All fish tanks over 68 liters must be equipped with shelves.

  Pay attention to the size of adult fish (not fry), and dont buy fish that you cant raise well.At the same time, try not to buy freshwater sharks, crabs (they will always try to escape), arhats, and animals that love to bury themselves. They are not good for the growth of other fish.

  The aquarium can make the home lively and full of nature.It seems difficult to assemble the aquarium, but it is not.The pet shops aquarium equipment is dazzling, but as a novice, you only need to have basic equipment.Start assembling the aquarium, and you will soon be able to appreciate the elegant attitude of swimming fish at home!

  If using a bottom sand filter, remember to regularly clean the organic matter in the gravel.If not cleaned carefully, the ammonia and nitrite content in the fish tank will exceed the standard, thus poisoning the ornamental fish.

  When installing the external power filter, place it on the back of the fish tank to shunt it evenly.Some aquarium lids are equipped with hollow holes to facilitate the placement of the instrument.Do not open the filter before the fish tank is full of water.

  The seller will fill the transparent plastic bag with water, put the ornamental fish and then aerate.If you drive, please put the plastic bag in a place where it will not roll around, be careful not to let things hit the fish, and then go straight home.The fish can only survive in plastic bags for about two and a half hours.If the time exceeds two and a half hours, special packaging is required.

  If you are using a bottom sand filter, please spread the washed gravel evenly on the surface of the filter.When pouring the gravel, you need to come bit by bit, so that it can be stacked as you want, and it can avoid scratching the aquarium.

  If you choose a bottom sand filter, make sure that the air pump or power head you buy can drive your fish tank. Generally, the bigger the better.If you dont wash the sand frequently, the bottom sand filter will clog and kill the ornamental fish.If you plan to lay sand or other fine substrates in the fish tank, do not use bottom sand filters.

  Add about 5 cm of water to the fish tank, and then let it stand for half an hour to observe if there is any water leakage to prevent it from occurring.If there is no water leakage, add water to one-third full.

  Fill the water tank of the filter and turn on the power.The water in the tank will circulate quietly and smoothly within a few minutes.If you are using a bottom sand filter, turn on the air pump or power head, and the water will pass vertically through the riser.

  Do more research!Find out the local water quality.The water quality is soft and hard, and different fish have different needs.Choosing the right water quality can make the fish live longer and healthier.Unless you are willing to adjust the water quality every time (time-consuming and laborious), or choose the right device!

  There are two most common high-quality filters: back-mounted bottom sand filter and back-mounted power filter, the novice recommends using the latter.There are many brands of filters, and some brand filters can provide mechanical biochemical filtration, which is simple to use and easy to clean.Some brands of filters are suitable for experts, please choose according to your personal preferences.

  If this is the first time fish farming, do not choose high-level ornamental fish.Just like keeping a dog, novices are best not to touch delicate and difficult animals.

  Do not move the empty tank by the outer edge of the aquarium.The outer edge of the aquarium may damage and fall off, thereby destroying the integrity of the cylinder.Large aquariums usually require a shock pad.

  Ask the seller about the tropical freshwater fish you want to buy. They will tell you which fish are compatible and which cannot be polycultured.The local ornamental fish store will provide you with accurate information and healthy ornamental fish.Pet supermarkets and pet markets have compatible matching tables for freshwater and saltwater fish, which can be checked carefully.

  Please check the information before putting fish, invertebrates or plants in the tank.Make sure they can be polycultured with your fish and you can take care of them.Please consult with many parties, do not listen to the seller!

  The standard water storage capacity of the fish tank is 250 liters. Such a large fish tank is enough to accommodate a variety of ornamental fish.Novices should not choose larger fish tanks.

  The capacity of the fish tank should match the quantity of ornamental fish.3 cm size fish needs 4.5 liters of water, according to this standard, can avoid exceeding the load of the fish tank, extend the life of the fish, and avoid the pollution of the water quality.If a filter, ornament, or aquatic plant is installed in the tank, a fish of 3 cm in size requires 7 liters of water.The larger the fish size, the greater the excretion and the more water is required.Note that decorations and water plants will also occupy space.

  Plants are very useful decorations.Filters are difficult to filter out plankton, and plants can easily remove them.For some fish, plants can help them stay healthy.In addition to plants, you can also add driftwood or decorations exclusive to freshwater fish.Dont throw anything into the fish tank.

  You may like two kinds of fish at the same time, but they may not be polycultured.The result of the polyculture is that the side where the feathers are returning fades (excessive pressure can cause the fish to fade) and die.Why waste money?

  The heater is equipped with a suction cup that will stick to the cylinder wall.Place the heater near the filter outlet so that the water flow can be evenly heated.Most thermostats are preset within a temperature range (21 to 25 degrees Celsius).Turn on the heater and install a thermostat.Do not turn on the heater until the aquarium is full of water.

  Choose a location near the drain.The fish tank should be cleaned with water every week, and it can save time and effort near the drain.It is best to be able to configure a switchboard surge protector (to protect the power supply that restarts after a power failure) and place the aquarium nearby.

  A suitable environment is very important for the health of ornamental fish. A place with a constant temperature and no bright light is most suitable for placing an aquarium.Maintain a distance of at least 12 cm between the wall and the box to facilitate the placement of the filter.Pay attention to the following points when choosing the place for the aquarium:

  Two or three fish are placed for the first 10 days, and then increase every 10 days.If you put too many fish into the new aquarium at one time, the water in the aquarium will not be able to circulate smoothly, causing spoilage to produce toxins, so be patient during the first two to three months.Some people buy gregarious fish for only one or two, which is very bad for fish.Group living means that there are at least five.For specific information, please refer to "Easy Guide to Freshwater Aquariums" by David E Boruchowitz.

  Some lamps (sometimes equipped with lamps in the novice set) will generate heat and affect the water temperature.Turning off lights will cause a sudden drop in water temperature, and turning on lights will cause a sudden rise in water temperature.If this happens, please go to a hardware store to buy a lamp that is not very hot.

  When installing the bottom sand filter, please put the filter plate into the cylinder first, and the riser pipe should match it.If a submerged power head is used, one liquid riser is sufficient; if it is an ordinary air pump, two liquid risers can be considered for the fish tank with a capacity of less than 180 liters and placed at both ends of the fish tank.Do not start the pump until the fish tank is full of water.Connect the air pump or power head to the matching riser tube and do not rush to open it.

  Do not put the fish tank in the vent, the dust will fall into the fish tank.Constant temperature is essential for the growth of ornamental fish, and some types of fish will die under non-constant conditions, so please keep constant temperature.

  The fish-free cycle is the best way to generate beneficial bacteria. For details, please refer to "How to Perform Fish-Free Cycle".Release the fish after the cycle is completed, otherwise the fish will die.Water quality parameters (pH, alkaline, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate content) can be monitored during the cycle.When the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels are below zero, the first nitrogen cycle ends and the fish can be released into the aquarium.Ammonia scavengers can remove ammonia and nitrite, and nitrate can only be removed by physical methods or water exchange.

  If excessive ammonia, nitrite and phosphate accumulate in the tank, please change water or plant plants in time.PH value testing is very necessary, remember to bring a water sample for testing when you go to a pet store.

  Laying two or three inches of gravel or sand at the bottom of the tank keeps the tank clean and helps the fish to orient in the water.In the pet shop you can buy cheap multicolored gravel and sand (black, brown or natural white is best).The sand is suitable for ornamental fish and invertebrates who like to dig holes, but it should be stirred regularly to prevent the sand and gravel in the dead corner from abrading the aquarium.

  The fully submerged heater is the easiest to use.Buy a heater with an adjustable thermostat to ensure the temperature requirements of different fish, generally 0 per liter of water.7 to 1.2 watts is appropriate.Most fish prefer a water temperature of 21-27 degrees Celsius. The temperature of a large fish tank is generally 28 to 32 degrees Celsius.

  When choosing fish, please go to a regular pet store or a well-known pet chain store.Check the information of a large local pet store and choose the best one.

  Bottom sand filters are becoming less and less popular now, because they are far less effective than back filters or power filters, and they are troublesome to repair and are noisy.
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