Danding Showa

Danding Showa Leopoldi Variant stingray
Everyone, how about this Danding Showa?
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Under the moon, BuS4g Yuyou said, "Lets watch it. I have a similar one here. This fish will change when I grow up."
Dawning weixin0003 Yuyou said: the fish is still small, you can see the changes
yzhuaxiong Yuyou said: I have encountered one of the red peaks and faded out, and they are red.
niezhi Yuyou said: Is it natural?
How big is the ingot Phoenix fish,
Ingot Phoenix Fish and Flying Anchovies.
Ingot Phoenix Fish Food)
silver arowana size
asian arowana for sale
arowana 中文
arowana for sale
super red arowana
Ingot Phoenix Fish Eye/


Sharing my simple filtration system

Pump for ohf. Advice bros

8ft tank setup photo

sharing my 3 bar

my RTG tail falling off =(


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