Linfen Shanghai Volkswagen Xinsheng Honglong Group buy on May 17



Linfen Shanghai Volkswagen Xinsheng Honglong Group buy on May 17

Shanghai Volkswagen Xinsheng Honglong South Outer Ring 4S Store, established in October 2004, is the only “five-star” authorized dealer in Linfen area, a creditworthy enterprise in the national auto repair industry, and the provincial auto repair and inspection industry.The star-level outstanding enterprise "is a designated purchase and maintenance unit of the Linfen City Government, and is an "advanced collective unit" of the Linfen Transportation Bureau and Public Utilization Bureau.The company is located in the South Outer Ring (South Gate of Shenzhou Decoration City), Yaodu District, Linfen City, 500 meters away from the South Airport Vehicle Management Office, providing customers with one-stop convenient services such as car purchase, number selection, household registration, insurance, claims settlement, maintenance, and replacement.

  Register by phone or online --- The manufacturer confirms the car model and information for the purchase within 2 days before the event --- agreed to buy a car at the store on the day of the event

  Second, there is a certain deposit (cash or bank card is acceptable). Generally 4S stores charge deposits ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 yuan; if you need to withdraw the current car, you need to pay the entire car before you can pick up the car.

  3. Group buying activities are limited to netizens who have registered in advance and attended the event.Group purchase prices are not announced, and netizens who are unable to attend cannot enjoy group purchase prices.


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一降到底”全系车型绝对保证临汾The lowest price in the same period!Low-cost car purchases will make you happy, the whole system offers great discounts, and a good gift for car purchases, "Why move the city, there will be a car immediately" What are you waiting for?

  Group purchase price: The group purchase price of all models is announced at the event site. The group purchase price of all models is only for the netizens who sign up. Thank you for your cooperation!

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