Albino duckbill Come to help out



Albino duckbill Come to help out

Recently fell in love with South America cylinders, may I ask the god, my whole aquarium blue, it suitable for modeling in South America?
Albino duckbill Come to help out Siamese TigerfishFengzhen City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Wulanchabu
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
A fish can not swim udd6 fish lovers say: not suitable for engaging aquarium
Pineapple rabbit fish lovers say: Background can block.
Sphinx_Cat aquarists say: not suitable you can add a background plate
Hao Boyang aquarists say: America is warm, it is recommended that posted the best wallpaper change color
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Can Arowana eat feed.
How many arowana can be kept in the fish tank*
Golden Dragon Fish Fry%
Is it possible to feed Jinlong:
Can two arowanas be kept in a fish tank?!
What fish tank is used for raising gold arowana%


Singapore inter betta show 2014 @ expo h

7 yr old rtg

LF : Small 7 or under LEO or BD

Havent posted some crappy pics in a whil

Snow White with its new tank mates


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    Homemade layer feed formula~