Silver Edition Fish Take a few pictures and see



Silver Edition Fish Take a few pictures and see

No photos were taken, only a few pictures were taken for everyone to see
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
215158486 Comment: How big is this,
551732164 Comment: Add picturesAdd pictures
Crown Mastiff Comment: The body is very domineering and the gold is very heavy.
Abin Brother 00002 Comment: Li Yasi, two and a half years old
zdh7218 Comment: Its really nice, beautiful and pretty.Thank you for sharing
Abin Brother 00002 Comment: Well, all the small videos taken, no photos, screenshots

Silver Edition Fish Take a few pictures and see Zebra duckbillTired and crooked qq comment: This screenshot of the landlord is really unclear
Abin Brother 00002 Comment: Hu Yangs, mainly of pedigree
Abin Brother 00002 Comment: All Philips 865 turned on the lights. Yes, the lights are also taken, that is, the floor was changed a few times.
Jeep5.7L Comment: Are the two colors taken before and after turning off the lights? I prefer the dark color
Arowana and colorful polyculture are the best(
Colorful angelfish and lucky fish polyculture,
Colorful fairy and parrot fish polyculture)
Arowana and colorful angelfish polyculture:
Polyculture of colorful fish of different sizes*


who feel 618 quality going downwards?

Albino Oscar (video clip) .....

Aquarama 2013 Arowana Benching in today

my collection of aros addictionPikonni f

Asian Arowana Symbol


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