Wolf fish tips



Wolf fish tips

Hi bros,
I am getting a hoplias aimara, any bros here who have kept wolf before and dont mind giving me some tips. Will greatly appreciate it
From wat i know aimara is very agresive and canot keep wth other fishes..
>What kinda tips u need to know?
Aimara....most aggressive it seems....is the most shy wolf i kept b4(amidst mala and black wolf)
>Babyboy point taken. Thanks!
Hi luc, tips as in maintaining wise and handling. As I am new to keeping this babys and they dont really cost very cheap so I need to get as many information I can get from experience bros over here. Thanks a lot in advance
>Hi Mrken,
How big is the hoplias aimara? You also mentioned babys. Are you planning to keep more then a piece? They really love magnetic cleaner, rubber hose and other cleaning equipment including your hands lol..you will need to have your aquarium heavily secure too.
They can be very messy eaters at times so a long metal pole attached to a small net using cable ties will come in handy when you need to remove all those uneaten food and leftovers..
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