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How much w can the wall socket at home drive?

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  Life Road 001 Say: That depends on how many wires are in your socket and how big the insurance is. Find a professional.
Yuyou ytmplc Say: Ordinary socket 10 A, air conditioning socket 16 A
Yuyou money bin Say: Look at the thickness of your wire
Yuyou wandering qq Say: 1000 watts is no problem
Yuyou wandering qq Say: Mainly said current
Shi Youzhong Say: This is hard to say!It only depends on the quality you buy and the size of the installed wires!Generally about 1000w is no problem!You can try it out, dont heat the wire, the socket will not blacken and deform!Thats it!
Yuyou Zhonghongda Say: 1000 watts is no problem
Fish Friends xujinxuan1 Say: Not so big power, is it ok if the induction cooker is 2500 watts?
Amo Say: It depends on the wiring in your house
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