Arowana Stingray Tiger Fish Make a card and the ink black grows to 15cm



Arowana Stingray Tiger Fish Make a card and the ink black grows to 15cm

Its not easy to raise from 3cm to 15cm now. The longevity has never been black. The knife pattern is covered with a belly scarf. When I was a child, it was pure three. It gradually grew up and showed a small fine line.Liwan District, Guangzhou
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Longer Obedient Comment: Just keep it like this
Ken Tsai Comment: Comfortablevery beautiful
Smile every day.Wuhan Comment: How long has it been raised to 15cm?
blazers17 Comment: Otherwise, why is Xiaohu so cheap.More novices always say that Guangzhou tiger fish is so cheap, and the result is to compare Xiaohu and Chenghu.
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