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[Tianzhu Arowana Enterprise Introduction]Easily raise fish, from now on!Water is wealth, fish is auspicious.Happy life starts with happiness.Start with elegant taste, start with the pursuit of art.The state of mind with the sea has the peace of water and the fish-like happy atmosphere.Quickly create your water wonderland! Located in No.14 Hongtang, Dongfu Town, Haicang District, Xiamen Tianzhulongyu Aquarium is currently the largest direct-operated aquarium store inside and outside the island.鱼类品种繁多、

红贝贝 red velvet

其中包含国内外玩家收藏饲养品相极好的(金龙鱼 泰国虎鱼 魟鱼等)应有尽有。

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Red Arowana

And long-term to undertake a variety of fish tank custom, grass tank landscape, rockery fish pond design, player after-sales service, and other free on-site consulting services.We adhere to the business philosophy of "setting the scene of dust, living with grass, dancing with fish, and enjoying life with fish", and adhere to the principle of "professionals do professional things" to provide you with quality services.You are welcome to enjoy the natural, laid-back and comfortable aquarium world as soon as possible!
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Dongguan Red Dragon Fry Wholesale#
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Wholesale price of fry!
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10cm Red Arowana Live Fry)
The latest and most complete red dragon fish fry*


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FS: 90 gal bowfront complete reef setup


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