Yanbao Food (Yuanbao Phoenix Fish Feed) Knowledge of fish farming skills is waiting for you to share



Yanbao Food (Yuanbao Phoenix Fish Feed) Knowledge of fish farming skills is waiting for you to share

Contentment Changle 00100009 Comment: The fairy water should be very useful to listen to the name.Fish farming is about mentality, so you dont have to say that everyone knows more.

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  Zhou Xiaoyao p onClick=window.location.href=Its over, its late, bottle, fairy water is missing!!!Fish farming tips should try not to toss, try to change the water regularly to feed regularly, eat less and eat more meals, water-saving skills diligently change the water and wash the cotton, try to change the water that is too sleepy

  (Season 7) Knowledge sharing of fish farming techniques: Hello everyone, I am a bottle.Today, lets dry our own fish farming and water-raising tips together. The top three in the comments and likes can get a bottle of 500ml bottle of Bandung Tianwang Fairy Water for free (national shipping), welcome all fishermen to actively participate, putShare your valuable experience and tips with everyone, and dont be stingy about your favorite comments.The deadline for event ranking is at 10 oclock on the evening of September 7, 2019. You are welcome to participate.Uranus Red Dragon

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困水24小时 (不能过久否则滋生太多细菌,

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达不到困水条件),秋冬季要在困水桶加入加热棒,无条件困水You can use a water purifier to remove chlorine, or add a water quality stabilizer (not used, dare not say okay) 2.合理使用硝化细菌并且及时换水,

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Yanbao Food (Yuanbao Phoenix Fish Feed) 大概控制在一周一次,一次三分之一,换水之后添加硝化细菌进行补充,做好物理过滤及生化过滤 空气缸等着你哦,个人经验说错勿怪哦
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