Seventh Bureau of State-owned Enterprise Hydropower: Reproduce the Bazhu



Seventh Bureau of State-owned Enterprise Hydropower: Reproduce the Bazhu

"The whole relief weighs 1.8 tons, made of cast copper, six drafts, and finally presented.Overall, the layout of the five major theme elements of water, electricity, roads, bridges and the world reflects the spirit of the Seventh Bureau of Hydropower to block rivers and dams, spread the light, open mountains and paved roads, bridges and bridges, and go international."The staff introduced.

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  The Seventh Hydropower Bureau was born and prospered by water.Along the way, he has participated in the worlds "high dams" such as Jinping, Shuangjiangkou, Baihetan, and Bakong, Malaysia, creating a large number of industry records and the worlds first.More than 300 hydropower projects have been built successively, more than 300 various types of hydroelectric generating units have been installed, and the total installed capacity has exceeded 35 million kilowatts.Awards, provincial and ministerial first prizes and other honorary commendations.

  How to make full use of the limited space to fully display the development achievements of the enterprise?The exhibition hall uses scientific and technological means to input massive data into the computer and query with one click.Information on engineering projects that have participated in construction since 1965, honors obtained, patents on construction methods, major work reports, important newspapers and books, and important news events are all available.

  Under the plaque of "Gongzui Engineering Headquarters of the Ministry of Water Resources and Electric Power", the seven innings were truly restored, with the stone as the stove, the Baizhang cliff, the muddy rocks, the 100 hammers, 200 steel fibers, 60 lightsMa Deng, the scene that fired the first shot of the construction of the Gongzui Hydropower Station.

  The red Mercedes-Benz car parked quietly in the center of the pavilion was particularly dazzling.This one was produced in 1958 and has been an "antique" for 61 years. It has a distinguished identity.It was a special car that Premier Zhou Enlai had taken during his research in Sanmenxia, and other state leaders also took the car to inspect it.Later, along with the "three-line construction" army, the transfer to the Gongzui Hydropower Station was a historical witness to the development of the Seventh Hydropower Bureau.

  If you want to understand the past and present of the enterprise, and explore the development "password", the exhibition hall is the best place.Here, the history of the Seventh Bureau of Hydropower is divided into three stages: from 1965 to 1991, the entrepreneurial period of the Dadu River; from 1992 to 2007, exploring the second entrepreneurial period of transformation; from 2008 to now, spanning the development period.Its like a history of development of state-owned enterprises hard work and a history of pioneering hydropower.

  The Seventh Hydropower Bureau, which originated in the Yellow River and rooted in the Dadu River, has been renamed several times since its development in 1965. It has been subordinate to the Ministry of Water Resources and Electric Power and the Ministry of Electric Power Industry.Step into the historical corridor, with the mother river of the Chinese nation-the Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River as the background, the unfolding scroll "Glory Dadu River", the unforgettable story that happened on the Dadu River, the mother river of the Seventh Bureau of Hydropower.

  "In 1979, the Department of Science and Technology in the Ministry organized an inspection group and went to Japan to investigate the construction technology of RCC.But the Japanese basically blocked us, and when we went, we took a closer look."These seemingly unreachable histories have become vivid through the story of a group of people.An employee who has watched the video is deeply touched, "I saw the first paragraph, and I couldnt stop crying. This is the working state of our fathers at that time."

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  "Walking the pace of striding across the vast world", accompanied by the passionate melody of "Big Banner", the seven innings are looking for roots and casting souls in the exhibition hall-carrying history and creating the future: remember yesterday, do not forget the original intentionToday, move forward; create tomorrow and work together to achieve a dream.(Finish)

  English typewriters, big speakers, measuring instruments. a piece of historical relics with a typical three-line construction period, recording the arduous years of passion burning.It was in 1965 that the General Administration of Hydropower of the Ministry of Water Resources and Electric Power handed over the construction of the Gongzui Hydropower Station to the Sanmenxia Engineering Bureau.The first advance team, formed within 36 hours, set off from Sanmenxia and advanced into the Dadu River.During that period of time, hundreds of thousands of builders of the Seventh Hydropower Bureau swallowed the spirit of the mountains and rivers, slashed their swords, worked hard, and used youth and sweat to create "can be responsible, inclusive, united, pioneering, and innovative., Can dedicate" the great spirit.

  Entering the exhibition hall, the relief in the preface hall came into view.The worlds highest double-curved arch dam, the Jinping Hydropower Station, is flooding, and the torrential river is spouting thinly, and the atmosphere is magnificent.The train drove past the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, "leading" the seven innings out of the mountains and into the city.In the distance, the Zhejiang Cixi Wind Farm, the Yunlong Bay Bridge in the Tianfu New District, the Egyptian Pyramid and other elements are integrated into one.process.

  In the course of the development of the Seventh Bureau, successive party and state leaders have given kind care and guidance. All the photos are scrolled on the TV screen. One old photo after another, let the time suddenly return to the passion burning years.

  The exhibition hall has welcomed 20 batches and more than 400 person-time visitors from the owners, the government and the fraternal units in the group.Among them, a special "guest" gave the most persuasive evaluation. He is Yan Zhiyong, chairman of China Power Construction Corporation.He not only lamented the hardships and difficulties of hydropower people along the way, but also affirmed the corporate culture accumulated in the seven games for more than 50 years, hoping that the exhibition hall can be continuously improved and enriched.

  China News Sichuan News, June 10 (Huang Qi, Zhu Yin, Tian Yi) By the Xinglong Lake in Tianfu New District, in the office area of Sichuan Central Enterprise Hydropower Bureau, a brand new exhibition hall attracted a batch of visitors.This exhibition hall shouldering culture, education, training and publicity is the spiritual home of Sichuan hydropower builders. After nearly two years of preparation and construction, it finally unveiled her mysterious veil and presented a gift for the 70th birthday of the motherland.

  It is precisely because of the dedication of the seven innings from generation to generation that todays seven innings have been achieved.In the documentary "Recalling the Seventh Bureau · The Past and the Past", the people from the Seventh Bureau of different eras recalled the glorious history of the Seventh Bureau of Hydropower: in the 1960s, the first batch of veteran employees witnessed the difficult establishment; from the 70s to the 80sBackbone talks about the technology standpoint; in the 1990s, seven players realized market and management standpoints; entering the new millennium, the younger generation talked about overseas business development and the “Belt and Road” struggle.In addition, the exhibition hall also displays a large number of old photos and old objects. Each story and object has a story behind it.
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