Look at Japanese gold?



Look at Japanese gold?

Just after entering the tank, I dont know how to raise it.
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
M5oOLOKE Comment: I dont understand fish, I was fooled by my boss
Qinbao THvv Comment: Isnt this just grass gold?Return the grass gold of the Japanese dog
Goldfish? Comment: Change the water less frequently, change the water once a week and only change one-third of the water in the fish tank.If it is tap water, it must be dried for three days before it can enter the fish tank
sh0919 Comment: Short-tailed grass gold
Zodiac no fish Comments: Isnt this a lazy mermaid
Pay attention to the big white film(
Arowana feeds several small fish a day,
25 cm dragon fish fed several times a day/
40 cm silver arowana fed several times a day.
Arowana is fed several times a day
One and a half year old arowana is fed several times a day"


My Black Daimond Pair

arowana fish cost in indiaAquarium Fishe

LIOW VIDEO: Visit QianHu OTF fish farm

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