How much is Datong used car Dongfeng Hercules Four Bridges fighting



How much is Datong used car Dongfeng Hercules Four Bridges fighting

5. Look at the actual vehicle conditions, including engine, chassis, gearbox, shock-absorbing suspension, body paint and sheet metal, various electrical appliances, car lights (including headlights, fog lights, width lights, brake lights, cabin lights), Interior atmosphere lights, etc.), interiors, tires, brakes, various engine oils (engine oil, transmission oil, brake oil, etc.), car batteries, etc.If everything is normal, the first article will be executed, otherwise, each item will be discounted separately.

  1. The current market value = the price of the bare car of the new car at that time × (1-15%) × (1-15%) × (1-15%) ×., That is, it decreases by about 15% every year, and multiplies it by several years (1-15%).

  3. Complete procedures, purchase invoices, complete keys (usually 2), manuals, toolboxes, fire extinguishers, emergency tools, tripods, etc., and have been maintained and repaired in the 4s store, the price can be appropriately increased, depending onpersonal.
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