Secret: take you to understand the real Putian shoes



Secret: take you to understand the real Putian shoes

There is a widely spread statement: one-third of Nike shoes in the world are produced in Putian. Working friends say: The so-called counter inspection is to show it to the salesperson. This can be tested ** Ah, can be seenAlso called Gao Fang?In fact, there is only one way to verify that the corpse is taken to a professional organization for laser scanning. We can even make the QR code anti-counterfeit shoes. I will talk nonsense?

  One thing is Dachang Niu B.As long as you go overseas or get a pair of authentic shoes at the counter.You order from 100 pieces, free of mold opening fees.I will make it for you.I will produce it for you when I am satisfied.Here is an old customer, playing Putian market is very 6. His customer base is all stalls in the Putian market.This is the so-called special delivery.He has a very good vision. He placed an order for a shoe. The factory gave him a price of 140 yuan, he could put it in 160 yuan, and the wholesale price of the stall was 180 yuan.From the whole New Year to now, his products are not enough to sell!!!The factory output is not enough for him to sell! After 51, the market went down.But the shoes he ordered were sold out.I secretly calculated that the factory would produce 30 pieces a day for him, one pair of 12 pairs, 30*12*20 profits for several months, more than 7000 per day.A months profit is about 200,000.

  The shoes made by large factories have always been of high quality because of the high demands of customers.Will not arbitrarily reduce prices and quality with others.From the upper routing technology (Putian of Niu B, from the air cushion of NIKE to the BOOST of Adi!!!!) It is almost indistinguishable from the genuine one.

  Taobao still has the largest number of employees.Shop bought, sold sales, evaluated fake.The price of the store has also been rising. The crown store, which used to be hundreds of dollars, is now tens of thousands.As Taobaos crackdown on counterfeit goods becomes more and more strict, and the price of the shop has skyrocketed after its death, a group of people have switched to WeChat.

  Not everyone is rich second generation, like a pair of thousands of shoes can be bought, but everyone loves beauty, has vanity, everyone wants to be recognized at a glance in the crowd, I am Ah.Anyway, I dont like to wear my shoes for two or three months. Why dont you come to an affordable price and wear a cost-effective?

  Generally, several stalls are fined within a month.The procedure is to enter your store, close the door, and talk about the price.Pay the money (3-5 thousand).Then the goods took some symbolically.Its done.As for the factory rarely catch, generally catch one in half a year.As a global shoe manufacturer, Putian exports 50% of the global sports shoe market every year, and exports more than 20 billion foreign exchange annually.Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, etc. on your feet have OEM factories in Putian.Domestic ones include Peak, Anta, Xtep and so on.You think they are all from Jinjiang. In fact, a large part of the shoes come from Putian OEM.

  Most of the domestic specialty stores will basically come to Putian to get the goods. Under the drive of interest, the next pair of Nike A-Gump shoes with a super A level of 120 will be brought to the store to sell 599, making a total of 400+.The factories in Putian are divided into large factories and small workshops.The big factory is from the mold opening to the finished product.

  Fives.Welcome to like-minded friends to add me (WeChat letter: e555e999) to communicate.Having said so much, I hope that everyone can set their minds right. If you only recognize authentic products, then you must go to a large specialty store, and dont believe it.

  The small workshop is to purchase uppers, soles and so on.Quality is good or bad.In order to grab the market, many factories are desperately reducing their prices. Do you think the quality of shoes can be the same?It must be cutting corners.So poor shoes are getting worse.

  4. Genuine products (Needless to say, those counters, there are several Putian fellows who can get the goods at 50% off, shh!What I wear now is that I have been in Putian for many years, and I have accumulated a lot of resources.)

  The money earned in this category is foreigners money, exported to the Maozi (Russia) region, North and South America, the Middle East, East Asia and other regions.Those who do this line will not do it alone, there will be teams, they will recruit some college students with good English to communicate with foreigners to introduce products, just like the kind of den in the news to catch DX scams, their sales are high specifications and highquality

  2. Cost performance (much better than currency, Super A in most populations, 1:1, harder to get than currency, appearance is almost the same as genuine, but the material is not genuine, the price is really affordable, a certainThe cats are full of this kind of goods (these merchants are too arrogant, take this as a genuine sale, and the price of the goods is about four parts for a cat)

  The shoes you bought on Tmall, even if they are fakes, are definitely not bad!!(Most of the top-grade goods here are directly supplied to Tmall.) Anyway, there are too many goods on Taobao that sell bad products for genuine prices!I am a Taobao customer. I earn 10 yuan per pair and come to me every day to get 10 pairs.The price of the authentic store he bought was more than 500 per pair.I was shocked at that time.Pick a time and say that the factory will raise the price and earn him 20 yuan a pair.

  Putian shoes are deep and do not bottom out.You can see the aunt cleaner on the road wearing New Balance to sweep the floor; the driver of the motorcycle wears Nike to carry passengers; the middle-aged and elderly people wear Nike running shoes to exercise, etc., the local shoe factory in Putian actually participates in XX.NB, Nike, Converse, Adidas, ASICS, MBT, back-to-back, puma, etc. on the market, as long as you want to get internationally renowned brands.The ex-factory price is 100~500 pieces. The price of the goods is 200. I cant see the difference on the surface. I will tell you what the difference is. You may have to wear it.You will see the genuine and fake leather, I believe.You will see if the shoe type is right or wrong, and I believe it.You will see the work of the car line, I believe it more.But will you watch real and fake EVA?Will you look at the outsole gum rate?

  3. The soil is fat and round, the price is low, the shoe shape is 85% similar to the original shape, and the outsole is separated.The fabric is pig eight leather, with even routing, solid workmanship, recycled rubber outsole, and the bottom is 40% harder than the genuine one.Do not consider the face problem is a pair of good shoes, cost-effective, conscience market 200 ~ 220 yuan.

  Since then I started to contact Putian shoes, so I began to introduce through the Internet and friends, kept cheating and buying, and finally found a few more reliable sellers (I thought they were reliable at that time, now I want toI think that the price is really high), the so-called long-term illness, I bought more, the product looks different, and slowly I know how to find a real boutique from it, and I slowly have an idea.Go to tinker with some shoes yourself, and specialize in fine products (that is, the real standard in the mouth and even company goods).

  This type is the most common, generally for campus agents, and then the campus agents develop their own offline, such as campus agents for WeChat agents, space agents, etc.; most of them are agents for other university students, mostly for the following agentsAll of them are friends and classmates who know their roots.

  Internal and external similarity 99.5%, workmanship 100%, materials 100%.Represents the highest level of Putian NB.(Can be compared with the companys goods on the same platform, still can not see).The highest quality in the world except for genuine company goods is better than cutting pieces and factory goods.Original mold manufacturing (dont ask me where the original mold comes from), the materials and workmanship are 100% sourced from genuine channels.In particular, the midsole is from the original factory and contains genuine ABZORB technology. Feeling, wrapping, and cushioning effects are all equivalent to genuine products.2. The so-called real standard cut piece with half yards of the highest quality of currency at the current stage,

Secret: take you to understand the real Putian shoes Arowana Farm

  Everyone who has done Taobao has heard the saying: "You cant earn rice if you open Taobao without selling fakes."The ex-factory price of a pair of shoes is more than one hundred, and Taobao is marked with hundreds or even thousands of large ones according to the price of genuine products. At about the same time, it can take dozens or hundreds of pairs a day, and the profit can be imagined.Later it developed, and everyone knew about this online mall.Ma Yun started to fight fakes, and CCTV also came to light. Everyone understood that 90% of Putians sneakers were highly imitated.

  This is what I saw on my Weibo today. Similar activities on Weibo or friends. There are many activities in this place.At least it looks good, at least the pictures are true, and the fact is that this shoe belongs to high imitation, commonly known as big currency, the cost is less than 100 yuan, sell you 165, and a pair earns at least 50 yuan.

  So I thought of being an agent, but everyone who has a little understanding of WeChat should know that real first-hand goods and good first-hand goods are hard to find. Big agents earn a small amount and small agents earn another, down one level.Dont want to make money, so this idea has been stranded.Once I had a drink and chat with my friend. When it came to this, my friend asked me in surprise: Do you not know that XX has been going to Putian for more than two years?He didnt go to college, I heard that people are mixing well now.

  Even if the two connected factories have different products, after all, each factory has its own characteristics, and only by distinguishing it can we know where is good.

  Im going, Im thinking of what Im going to do, lets go~ you need to contact me. The standard old-school style is almost the same. Fortunately, people are willing to recognize me as an old-school class.Farting ran to Putian.

  Posting bars is common.It has been bragged by various traders all over the network as top-of-the-line sales.Conscience retail market 260-280 yuan.The rear midsole is still painted, without technology.(But many colleagues boast about containing ABSS anti-vibration pads) The routing is even and powerful.Good workmanship.Native rubber outsole.The similarity to the original product is 85%. Because of the last, it is still a bit fat, and it is also the most cost-effective version on the market.

  Later, everyone learned to be smart, and the buyer saw that the place of delivery was Putian and didnt want to.However, there are policies on the top and countermeasures on the bottom. The express delivery industry on the Putian side has taken this opportunity, so there is a saying that it will go online in a different place.The shoes are still shipped from Putian, but the logistics information on Taobao does not show that it was shipped from Putian,

  4. Soil fat round, fake at a glance, low price, integrated bottom, uniform routing, acceptable workmanship, recycled rubber outsole, bottom is 50% harder than genuine.160 to 200 yuan for conscience.

  I have been in contact with Putian shoes for four or five years. I just started contacting, purely because of curiosity and grievances, because I just spent 1099 to buy a pair of star-type AF1s. A week later my friend told me that he was like me.There are only more than 300 shoes, but I dont see any difference.

  The Super A ($200 for goods with conscience) sold for four yuan or five hundred yuan. The goods are really good. If you go to the inspection, you may not be able to see it.First of all, genuine products dont have to go through forums, and Putian shoes dont have to go through.Passing the forum does not equal quality.You must ask, why can they support inspection?Ha ha, no one would have the leisure to take the shoes they bought at night and went to the Wanda New Balance store to take it to the store for inspection. Even the little girl recruited in the inspection store did not understand this knowledge, and the profit was too high.Did you get rich overnight?

  The profits are not as high as Taobao, generally around a few dozen yuan.Now your friends circle, more or less, some people are selling Putian shoes, I dont believe that some people have no Putian shoes.Dadu is known as "first-hand source, factory direct sales" "counter quality, genuine standard original factory" "one-key forwarding, professional delivery".How many of them are real hands?From our factory to the Putian market, this is a first-hand, and the Putian market is then among the agents (Putian market wholesaler profit (10-30 yuan) is another hand.The agent will then "recruit an agent" (profit 30-50 yuan), anyway, layer by layer.

  Pulling out to scan logistics information will generally take you to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Quanzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen, and even overseas.A pair of sports shoes on Taobao sells hundreds of sports shoes with the title "Hong Kong agency". You ask the seller if he is really a Hong Kong agency. The seller must be sure that Dangdangs guarantee is Hong Kong agency.
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