Time is so fast



Time is so fast

Its been over a year since I was here.The change is quite big.[ciya] 养鱼嘛,

Purple-backed Arowana


Purple-backed Arowana

======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Brother Yi Comment: Very beautiful!the fish tank is also good!Water is so clear

Time is so fast Purple-backed ArowanaW小迷迷仙 Comment: Good work performance, of course, the quality of the fish is not to be said
Ingot parrot fish and finfish polyculture$
What kind of fish food do gold ingot fish eat?#
Ruby fish pictures:
Parrot fish size mixed&
Matters needing attention~
Can Dutch phoenix fish be mixed with parrot fish?^
Flying anchovies and arowanas/


Aro without tankmate

P14 Updates..

Mass fish killed in our seas and some af

Summer Order - CVMaju



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