How to make the water in the aquarium clear?



How to make the water in the aquarium clear?

7 On the fourth day, if the water quality becomes extremely clear (sometimes the water will be clear on the second day, but still have to wait until the fourth day before operation, sometimes to the seventh day, in short, wait until the fourth day, generally the water will be clearA lot), then the water system has started a good journey!At this time, continue to test the strain capacity of the microbial filtration system.Just feed.Feeding volume should be controlled within 2-3 minutes.Then continue to wait for 3 days; during the period of slight turbidity, you should carefully observe, as long as there is no smelly smell, there is no need to change the water;

  ——The core idea of not changing water for a long time is to carry out the work of decomposing harmful substances to the end!The objects at this time are those "semi-hazardous substances".

  Things needed for landscaping can be described as ever-changing, or you can choose according to your preferences. Generally, the bottom of the aquarium has only three categories, mud (used for shrimp cultivation, because the cost is too high), sand or small stones, if you need to grow grassYou can only use mud or sand. It is impossible to use stones to grow grass.In addition, there are some auxiliary landscaping things, such as corals, volcanic rocks, etc., but who can change the softness and hardness of them, make sure that the fish can adapt before choosing

  ——Using the sensitive reaction of algae to light, set up an independent filter tank in the filtering equipment and cooperate with appropriate light (use energy-saving lamps with a color temperature of about 2500K or guide to the window to give sufficient sunshine) to cultivate a large amount of brown algae and green algaeEven Chaetoceros;

  2.First of all, we have to clean the fish tank, soak and disinfect with three hundred thousandths of potassium permanganate solution, and by the way, use boiling water to heat the water temperature to about 28 degrees.

How to make the water in the aquarium clear? Golden Catfish

  Whether the water in the aquarium is clear is the most concern of every fisherman, so how can we make the water clear and transparent, this is what we need to consider.Experienced fishermen know that freshwater is about ecology and seawater is about equipment, but seawater can only be regarded as an upgraded version of freshwater, so in the final analysis, it is how to create a good ecological environment.

  These large amounts of algae or plants will basically eliminate "semi-hazardous substances" and become the last process of water conservation.In this way, we have basically completed the large cycle system of oxidative decomposition, denitrification and reduction of water in the entire fish tank.Initially make the water in the tank a self-purifying water system.This basically completes the construction of a fish tank eco-circulation filter system that does not change water for a long time.

  5.Below, of course, to find food for the bacteria.Since there are 100 liters of water in the tank, lets stock four 5-6 cm long fish!They are the pioneers of breaking into the tank, so they must be strong and not afraid of death.Before entering the fish tank, the small fish should be sterilized by soaking in three hundred thousandths of potassium permanganate solution for 10 minutes to avoid entering the fish tank with germs; then lets wait.If the water quality becomes cloudy the next day, change the water appropriately.Just wait 3 days without feeding.

  11.In this way, we will change 1/5 to 1/4 of the water in the fish tank every week in the future, and cooperate with the "timing", "quantity", "fixed-point" feeding, water change, sand washing, etc."Good water!"Here we have completed the construction of the "nitrification system".

  4.At this time, you can put dry powder nitrifying bacteria (10 grams), one tablespoon of pure yeast powder (5-10 grams), one tablespoon of active yogurt (5-10 grams) and one or two sachets (1-2 grams) of "Mummy Love") Use the warm water in the tank to completely dissolve it as much as possible, pour the relatively clear part back into the tank, and throw away the remaining residue or pour into the filter tank, which is not obvious.In this way, we have completed the "seeding" process; at this time the fish tank is usually foggy, and even fingers are out of reach, this is because the bacteria are floating, it does not matter, it will be clear within a few days;According to the method of Taiyuan Phyllostachys pubescens, ferment it first and then inoculate it.

  Choose the size according to personal preference, it is best to buy a high-end aquarium, which already has enough equipment, just add a little something.

  ——Of course, the most suitable method is to solve it by planting a lot of aquatic plants, but the cultivation of aquatic plants requires good lighting equipment, fertilizers and maintenance methods. I wont go into details here.

  Not changing the water for a long time is not the best way to raise fish, not only because it is more difficult to establish, but more importantly, we believe that fish farming should "strive to create the conditions they need, not force them to adapt to the existing conditions!" By changing the water, the purpose of connecting the water body of the fish tank with the water body of nature can be easily achieved.Its meaning is irreplaceable.

  Ceramic rings, filter cotton, biochemical cotton, activated carbon, etc., can be selected according to actual needs.First of all, it is important to emphasize that ceramic rings and filter cotton are very important. The main functions will be introduced later.

  8.On the 7th day, if the water quality is very clear, then we can invite the more precious fish into the fish tank.Change some water first, then put a few less, feed a small amount (finish within 1 minute), observe for 3 or 4 days, then continue to put another batch, the food gradually increases.

  —— A common method is to establish a hypoxic zone to cultivate anaerobic bacteria to remove nitrogen. This method is commonly used in seawater tanks.However, this method is very risky for novices, it is easy to produce toxins, causing the bad situation of fish dead water, so it is not recommended for novices to play.

  1.We all know that tap water cant raise fish, and we must "cultivate water", so how can we raise the water?First put all the prepared materials and equipment in the aquarium (remember, be sure to sterilize), then add the appropriate amount of water, turn on the filter pump, remember to keep it open for 24 hours, so that a cycle of more than 4 daysIts ready to use. The one available here is not for fish farming. There are many things to do. Dont worry.

  ——Or plant a large number of aquatic plants in the filter tank or fish tank, in addition to the aquatic plants in the tank, there are things like Evergreen, Kaiyun Bamboo (Fugui Bamboo), duckweed, Huaiyeping and even water hyacinth;These plants can be cultivated on a large scale with light.

  10.The new fish should be kept in a small tank for a few days after being bought. You can observe whether there are pests and diseases, and can only be moved into the main tank after proper disinfection. The water quality of the two tanks must be adjusted to the same when moving. The method is very simple.The air pipe used by the root air pump slowly introduces the water from the main tank into the small tank, and continuously drains the water in the small tank until the water temperature and water quality of the two tanks are almost the same; then new fish can be fished into the main tank.This is called "over water".

  3.Then directly put three pieces of twisted vitamin C or high-quality water stabilizer to stop the reaction of potassium permanganate.At this time, you can use these light red or yellow brown water to inoculate the bacteria to open the tank.These colors are decomposed in a few days, dont care.

  ——This process is called the “denitrification reduction” process, and the whole world is researching this topic, and we are the same. Of course, our principle is “to spend less and do more work”!

  The ordinary aquarium is just a bare tank and no other equipment, so we have to purchase some necessary.Generally, there are submersible pumps, water goblins, filter buckets, etc., choose according to the size of the tank and the pets to be kept. For example, if you choose to feed large fish, use a submersible pump, because the water flow produced by the submersible pump is relatively large, and the oxygen supply is sufficient.Is its advantage.The characteristics of the water goblin are suitable for feeding shrimp or small fish, because it can not only filter, but also oxygenate the water "quietly" on the side, so it is more suitable for small fish or shrimp.The biggest feature of the filter barrel is that it can reproduce a large amount of nitrifying bacteria, which has a very good effect on water quality, but the general price may be a little expensive, so choose according to the actual situation.

  9.If you want to be more stable, you can put more food or create aquarium fish on the 7th day, and then continue to wait for 3-4 days, at this time the water quality is more stable.Then you can buy back your beloved fish.In this way, a new batch of fish can be added every 3-4 days until the standard is reached.

  ——The basic idea of our recommended method is to eat these “semi-hazardous substances” through algae or some fast-growing aquatic plants!Lets call it "lower biological nitrogen removal reduction system"!
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