Now we are beginning to use heating rods yet



Now we are beginning to use heating rods yet

Now we are beginning to use heating rods yet GOLDEN AROWANA Food for Sianlon Fish Farm
Read indoor temperature of 26 degrees, you should not need to use heating rods.
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
shibin18 aquarists said: morning and evening temperature
Hao Ge brother male rabbit fish lovers say: You can use a large temperature difference between day
Mo aquarists said: started early with the
Jin-supermarket fish lovers say: so well-stop, heating rods to open it, a minimum of 26 degrees.
Large sole child over the back goldfish lovers say: I long straight electric hot plate, set the temperature 29 degrees, the water temperature 28+.
Tianjin Yu aquarists said: to open
Is it possible to grow arowana and koi together?#
Can koi be polycultured with dragon fish%
Can Jinlong be bred with Koi%
Feed fish once every few days(
Which is more expensive, koi and dragon fish?$
arowana with koi&
Wolf feed the fish king*
Dreaming about feeding fish,
Arowana and koi are bred together@
Feed fermentation bag!


things that is needed to maintain a reef

most dangerous fish in the worldPregnant

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