Ten fish problems

Novices report, can I ask ten fish to be polycultured with Sanhu?

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Yuyou sd13028282893 Say: Yes, just go ahead and order some fish

Ten fish problems Butterfly carpYuyou Torch 001 Say: Absolutely not. If you dont want to die, dont do it.
Yuyou18765212721 Say: Ten toilets, extremely cheap
Fish friend Zhang Jianlong 2016 morning morning Say: Can feed more fry
Yuyou cngogjivw Say: better not
Yuyou yu1848821 Say: Ten are rogues, it is best not to mix
Fish friends are crazy. Say: Hey~ in the past, there were ten rooms with 80 cylinders.
Fish friends are good Say: Yes, but do not differ too much in shape. Ten of them grow quickly and easily kill other fish. They grow quickly and easily kill other fish.
Do you make money by opening a fee fishing farm,
Hutian Watson shopping mall in Humen;
Where did the fish from the fishing ground come from%
How many fish per mu in the fishing ground~
Longgui Diwang square
Is there a red star arowana fishing ground\
A successful business model for fishing grounds.
What should we pay attention to when opening a fishing ground#
Humen Shutian"s largest market:
Open a fishing ground, where to get fish


American initiative

giant monster fish

(2)rtc a silver arowana

35 Days Later~

Silver carp of Taipang Sea


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    Arowana side lights are on both sides/