Sanhu Yanxi Sanhu Cichlids Dragon Peak



Sanhu Yanxi Sanhu Cichlids Dragon Peak

1 m 2 low tank, the effect of the group tour is also good[ciya]No location information
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Mr. Ma Yi Comment: The short cylinder is really beautiful
Yujun Tongle Comments: Shui Qing Yu Liang
Feng Yanxiao Comment: Not bad!
Its pure pleasure. Comment: It is still very good for rock selenium, if Say and Malaysia are uncomfortable
Deep blue ygYir Comment: Pleasing to the eye~
Ah oh yeah Comment: Shui Qing Yu Liang!
zw stares at the can Comment: status, first-class hair color
Mai Baojiang Chilong Comments: Really beautiful
Shimen Langsan Comments:

Sanhu Yanxi Sanhu Cichlids Dragon Peak Green Pepper Red Dragon

Long Deshui﹏ Comment: Good
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Christmas and New Year Special (from Dec

FSFT - 4-5 silver dollars

FS:450 Acrylic saltwater setup (YEG)

NEW build 540 gallon



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    Arhat fish start feed ranking^

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    Arowana produces small fish)

  • 2022-07-09 18:42:32

    How much feed does 3000 chickens eat a day.