Brazilian Asiatic Fish Ready to enter the water



Brazilian Asiatic Fish Ready to enter the water

Dear heroes, I wanted to play arowana when I was studying, but the economy is not allowed, and now I am out of work, I want to buy 3 arowana to raise, one with 15 super blood, one with 18 overback, and one with 15 silver dragonCan it be raised like this?Will it fight?
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:べ.Zhen Comment: Yes, a big tank is needed, it is recommended to keep money first and marry a wife
:べ.Zhen Comment: It is possible!Its better to get tired and tell the difference.
Feihong Taxue Comment: Thank you
Longer Obedient Comment: Okay
sujesse Comment: The risk of buying this size is extremely high.Classical did not hear which fishery out of 18cm.
Wang Mastiff Comment: Polyculture is very difficult. Good luck.
Feihong Taxue Comments: Like small raise
Feihong Taxue Comment: Yes
Xiao Sheng Comment: Should be
18913655727 Comment: Definitely
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Please tell me this is fake...

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