Piscilla hairy About the treatment of water turtle rotten skin



Piscilla hairy About the treatment of water turtle rotten skin

In countless late nights, I tossed and turned to sleep and often woke up at midnight.A question puzzled me, how to solve the turtles rotten skin?Until today, I wandered the flower, bird and fish market and met a turtle breeding professionalboss.Boss Dragon has a bald, husky voice with a burly look of fifty bald heads this year, much like the male pig-legged Downey of Hollywood action superstar speed and passion.Downey may have some hangovers today because I was so handsome that he had no friends and decided to drink a heart with me after drinking. After learning of my confusion, I decided to catch my thigh.Downey told me that the most professional thing he has been doing for decades is the treatment of tortoise shells.Downey lit a cigarette slowly and said that the solemn tone was introducing his ancestor.Those things in the world dont work, but this one is really easy to use.He took a bottle of medicinal hoarse accent from the mysterious secret of the table and said it was it!Fu Yan Jie!Go back and smear dry for half an hour and put the medicine back in the water to get rid of the disease!Try everything!I was happily running to Yanxitang pharmacy to tell the clerk, give me a bottle of the most expensive Fuyanjie!The clerk was very excited and I was very pleased.Tonight, can a good dream sleep.Amen ? In the previous days, my little yellow head caught white rot on the neck of the rotten skin.Fu Yanjie returned to health the next day after taking a small box alone for 30 minutes.So fast.God God God.Speed speed. Piscilla hairy About the treatment of water turtle rotten skin God of Wealth Parrot - God of Red Wealth ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheetTeana Central Park========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Youth, never fail! Yuyou said: My tortoise is a Hilary toad turtle that I recently picked up in the pond. There are dozens of holes in the body. The tofu-like lumps in the hole are like acne. They have all been toothpicked.Pick it out, now you are doing it, and you cant see the art and the back like the rust, I hope it can be cured.
Ye Qingxian Yuyou said: learned
13780493488 Yuyou said: Learn
zsj725 Yuyou said: Learn
zsj725 Yuyou said: Learn
Tianqi Oba Yuyou said: Duan Zihou you
Long Pan Hu Ju Yu Yu said: learned
Cocktail fish farming Yuyu said: Looking forward to the follow-up, maybe it has really amazing effects!But my yellow-headed turtle was applied with erythromycin ointment
The strongest blue gold Yuyu said: passing by
2. The focus of the celebrity painting. Go back and smear it for half an hour.
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